All about relationship marketing

From: Brahim AGHZAF , Posted Date: Sep 18th, 2019

All about relationship marketing

For a long time, marketing has been very enterprising, even downright aggressive towards the consumer. And human relations were not really a priority. We preferred to cultivate transactional marketing, that is to say the customer relationship in the short term. He was only concerned with himself and his needs to push him to buy. As a result, customers became tired of these methods, putting their feelings aside. Now they need to feel valued and important. And in the age of the Internet, this need is even more felt. Exit transactional marketing, and place relationship marketing!

Relationship marketing definition

Relationship marketing is the art of building and cultivating a privileged and personalized relationship with each client.

This practice has largely developed with the rise of the Internet. Because the barrier of the screen has gradually led users to move away, and become more suspicious.

The great autonomy of research also encourages them to document themselves. So today, the vast majority of conversions are done without the intervention of a commercial.

The goals of relationship marketing are multiple.

In addition to the increase in sales, the main thing remains the loyalty of customers. Which requires a relationship of trust. To establish a real relationship with the customer, the customer must meet three essential criteria.

  • Reinforced

Here, we are not talking about a simple welcome mail or loyalty points.

Relationship marketing involves real trust on the part of the user.

And for that, it is necessary to get closer to its customers to the maximum, to show them a certain reliability.


The relationship must also be of quality.

Again, a generic email from time to time is not enough.

We must give the customer rich exchanges, which bring him real added value.

keep on going

It is a true pillar of relationship marketing.

Today's customer relationship needs to be sustained over the long term.

This marks his opposition to transactional marketing.

It is about cultivating the customer relationship on a daily basis, in order to make it sustainable and sustainable over time.

The KLT method at the heart of relationship marketing

To develop relationship marketing, one must first understand why such a strategy is necessary.

Before making a choice, the user will compare several offers.

And to convince him to trust you, you must follow the so-called "KLT" strategy.

To be known by the user (know)

This step is essential to weave a strong bond with the user.

There are lots of ways to gain notoriety.

In particular, we recommend a multichannel strategy, which I will discuss below.

To be loved (like)

It is not enough to make oneself known.

The user must also like you.

It goes through a daily work of your brand image.

Humanize relationships as much as possible, and rely on humor to build sympathy with your audience.

Get trust from the user (trust)

It is certainly the hardest, but also the most important in relationship marketing.

Because without the trust of the user, you will not be able to make a relationship last in time.

Here, we will rather rely on loyalty techniques.

Empathy to build a strong relationship

To build a real relationship with your customers, you must first put yourself in their shoes.

And understand their deep needs.

Because you can not just sweep wide, hoping to hit people at random.

Relationship marketing is very targeted, and even individualized.

For that, you can use the persona method .

Create a typical customer profile, and personify it as much as possible.

This will allow you to project yourself in its place, and understand its expectations, motivations and brakes.

The importance of conversion tunnels for relationship marketing

This is the foundation of any good relationship marketing strategy.

Analyzing the business process of your customers will help you understand how they work.

And conversion tunnels are excellent data analysis tools.

You can thus dissect the different stages of your tunnel.

The conversion rate and the bounce rate, for example, are good indicators of the trust your users have in you.

By keeping an eye on it all the time, you will be on the lookout for the slightest changes.

So you can adapt your strategy accordingly.

Today, there are many tools dedicated to the creation and management of conversion tunnels.

This is particularly the case of the software Click Funnels, a very complete and very intuitive marketing software.

With that, you can create your own sales tunnels, tailored to your needs.

A multichannel strategy

To cultivate relationship marketing, several options are possible.

And for it to be effective, you have to operate strategic levers.

Already, you can maintain an ongoing relationship through email.

But beware, it must be done properly.

No question of bombarding your users with incoherent emails.

Personalize them completely, to adapt your communication to everyone.

Also bet on relevant, interactive and qualitative content.

For example, you can introduce direct marketing elements .

Another powerful lever of action for relationship marketing: loyalty.

This is even the typical example of relationship marketing.

And the good news is that you have a choice.

Fidelity points system, reward offered, ambassador status, etc.

All means are good to put the consumer at the heart of the action.

In addition, do not neglect the importance of your presence on social networks.

With their arrival, the notion of "consum'actor" has taken on a new meaning.

People now feel that their word is valuable, and that they have some power.

And social networks are perfect to reinforce this impression.

Listen to them, respond to their comments, offer them contests for loyalty.

Relationship marketing is not so complicated in itself.

In fact, it's mostly a matter of common sense.

Because the human should always be at the heart of our concerns, without having to think about it.

So do not hesitate to develop the human side of your marketing strategy

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