Know The Difference Between A Spam And A Newsletter

From: Brahim AGHZAF , Posted Date: Apr 12th, 2019

Know The Difference Between A Spam And A NewsletterRésultat de recherche d'images pour "The Difference Between A Spam And A Newsletter"

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Learn to quickly tell the difference between a commercial email, also known as a newsletter, and spam.

What is spam?

Spam, spamming, unsolicited mail, spam, so many terms to define something so simple, but so intrusive. 
In one sentence, spam is email advertising broadcast without the recipient's permission. 
Spam is also, unfortunately, a massive email sending. This means that every spam email you receive in your inbox has probably been sent to hundreds or thousands of people other than you.

The first spam was sent in 1978 in the United States , by a commercial of a company wanting to inform all users subscribers to the same internet provider as him about the creation of his new company. This email was condemned by the American government for non-compliance with the rules of the internet network.

How are spam emails intercepted?

It is true that for many people, any email from a company or that seems unsolicited (even if it is not), there is little distinction between an email newsletter and spam. On the other hand, these 2 types of mails are very different, and your mailboxes ( Gmail , Hotmail , Orange , Outlook , etc ...) use several criteria to characterize and to sort each of the mails which you receive. As a result, you will hardly receive spam mails in your mailbox, since these will be sent directly to the folder of junk mail.

Since the couriers automatically sort the spam emails, and know that they are unwanted by the users, they are deleted every 30 days from the 'spam' folder by the mailbox, without any necessary configuration on the part of the users.

1. Spam or Newsletter: number of recipients

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "The Difference Between A Spam And A Newsletter"

The most used way for mailboxes to intercept and ban spam emails is the number of recipients to whom these mails are sent. Spam e-mails, unlike newsletters, are unsolicited and untargeted, and are sent to hundreds of recipients at once. Senders of newsletters, on the other hand, have current or prospective consumer lists, which will be targeted according to their needs, while spammers have infinite hacked lists of email addresses, without a specific objective. This being an important signal, the couriers send these mails directly to the 'spam' folder.

2. Spam or Newsletter: frequency and time of sending

A second criterion that differentiates spam emails from marketing emails is the frequency and timing of sending. Newsletters sent by companies are sent a few times a week, to report personalized offers or news. These emails are also sent for specific hours and days, so as to attract the recipients during the best moments of responsiveness. On the other hand, several hundreds of spam emails are sent per week at a minimum, and at any time of the week and the day, since the only purpose of spam is to rip off the users who respond to it.

3. Spam or Newsletter: average size of the email

A third difference, this one a little less apparent, is the average size of the mail sent . Spams, if they come from the same batch (by the same spammer or about the same subject), often have the same size and the same content, since they are sent en masse through automated lists, without distinction between recipients. In contrast, marketing emails differ with each message sent, depending on the business purpose and the recipient. Lack of customization and difference in size and content helps couriers to more easily detect spam and filter it out of received messages

Spam or Newsletter: the role of users?

Even if the newsletters are solicited and identified as non-spam, they can still be considered as unwanted emails by multiple users. The biggest difference between spam emails and newsletters from the consumer's point of view is that it is possible to unsubscribe from marketing emails, but not spam. 
The good news? We have created a product to help you unsubscribe newsletters that you do not want to receive in one click!


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