The buzz, ideal launching pad for a startup

From: Brahim AGHZAF , Posted Date: Apr 23rd, 2019

The buzz, ideal launching pad for a startup Résultat de recherche d'images pour "BUZZ" 

The buzz, ideal launching pad for a startup

To talk about this strategic topic, I asked the agency Advitam * to share its experience in this area.

To launch any new product or activity on the market, there is an ideal recipe that any marketing team hopes to concoct. This formula of excellence is called  buzz .

A buzz is a marketing technique called "viral". Why viral? Because it can quickly reach tens of thousands of people at once. See millions.

This technique was invented thanks to the generalization of the internet and the massive use of social networks for several years. A small illustration example? The buzz of Tipp-ex in 2010. The principle is to allow Internet users to choose the action that a hunter will do with a bear on a video. Try the experience .

And as you surely understand, the impact of your buzz action is very strongly related to the media you will use.

Choosing the right media

In the previous example, the brand Tipp-ex decided to choose Youtube to massively broadcast its video. And it works.

Any media, any medium is usable. There is no rule in creating a buzz without forgetting that its dissemination necessarily passes through the internet.

Before creating a buzz, study your target audience, opinion leaders in your market, and influential sites that fit you. Then, if the virality of your buzz operates, it will reach new targets and your visibility will benefit.

It is important not to put a barrier but to focus on one essential point: originality.

The ingredients of a successful buzz

If the buzz is so much sought after by companies, it is because it is complex to create. Some parameters are essential to its success:

> Entertain. Internet users will participate in the distribution of your buzz only if it has enough interest in their eyes to be seen by their contacts and friends. And in this situation, entertainment is often the main driver.

> Amazing. If the user has already seen something similar, he will not be stimulated enough to transfer it. The idea must be original and propose a new concept, even if it starts from an already existing concept.

> To be without attachment. You have to be prepared for the buzz to escape your control and become a free neutron of your communication. This is also the sign that it works well so think of its flexibility of diffusion and the simplicity of its use.

> Disseminate important information. A buzz is studying and getting ready to spread priority information for your business. If it is not connected to a major event for you, the money and the time spent creating it will not be used optimally.

Creating a buzz also raises the question of profitability because it has a cost. In the case of launching a start-up, it is even more significant. Here are some benefits that can be generated by this way.

Make your buzz profitable

Once the idea is found, the target identified, the support (s) chosen, what is the contribution of the buzz for the visibility of your company?

> Increase the number of fans or followers on social networks. To talk about yourself is to increase the number of people who will want to know more about you and who will follow you daily.

> Be seen in the media. The very same ones who ask you for purchases of real-time advertising space will relay you for free because you will be part of the news. In this case, you make sure you save money and communication.

> Go natural referencing. The more we talk about you and the more links you have to your website. By going from the very popular webzine to the little passionate blog, all that will be said about you will be useful.

Having the idea, here is the essential

At first sight, considering all the benefits that a buzz brings, one is entitled to wonder why there are not more companies that try it. Well, keep in mind that making a buzz can also mean bad buzz, literally bad buzz, detrimental to you. If your idea has shocking elements, at the limit of morality, you are likely to be poorly received on the Internet. Here are some recent examples:

> Cuisinella

People in the street are trapped in a manner to say the least shocking: a sniper fires bullets at passers-by, they are embarked against their will by the helpers, then brought to a funeral to find themselves locked alive in A coffin. The fall ? Opening the coffin, they realize that they are in a Cuisinella store.

The proof in pictures:

The video was controversial and the brand suffered from a very bad feedback from Internet users and opinion leaders.

> Kia Motors Worldwide

The goal was to increase the number of "likes" on the brand's facebook page, thus increasing the company's "social reputation". Except that the idea is of a questionable morality. The principle: a "like" is a meal day for a family. All decorated with a picture of a young child crying ...

The moral principles of society have been questioned. Using such sensitive arguments for the sole purpose of getting "likes" has caused many Internet users to cry scandal.

> McDonald's

At the beginning of the year, the famous fast-food brand decided to launch a campaign on Twitter to collect the memories of Internet users in relation to the brand. Yes, except that the campaign turned out to be a disaster because Internet users preferred to tell their worst memories rather than the good ones. McDonald's ended up with a crazy amount of bad publicity that she herself launched.

These three cases serve as an example of drifts to avoid in creating your buzz. You must consider and prepare for all possible returns and anticipate them effectively.

In conclusion, the buzz can bring a lot to your start-up and help you launch your communication. The prospect is really worth it and can bring big in the development of your customers as well as in the search for future investors.

Think about it!