From: Brahim AGHZAF , Posted Date: Sep 2nd, 2019

Recently I spotted a great free way of earning money from home by using the power of online social networking.

Millions of people use social networks to connect with other people and share their thoughts and ideas and I have found a social network, which was created purely for people interested in business and commerce. 

Apsense.com is a premium social network, where you can communicate with other business owners, share your experience, check out other members contributions and even make money online. 

Lets skip the social networking features and go straight to the ways of earning money with Apsense. The deal is that Apsense.com offers some great features, which could easily help you earn money by publishing content and inviting new members to join this social network. 

The first way of earning money with Apsense network is their referral program. Invite new people to Apsense.com and receive cash bonuses when your referrals upgrade to a premium membership (wasn’t able to find any information about the rewards for simple members, if you know the answer, please leave me a comment, thanks in advance). 

According to their website, affiliates receive 30-50% of the premium membership costs (such percentage sounds pretty good as for me). 

Anyways, I think that their affiliate program is not the most profitable way of earning money, I see a bigger potential in their revpage offers and the ability to post your articles on the website. 

Apsense revpage is a so called information capsule, where you can leave as much info about the topic you are willing to write about. This could be either your review of some service, an article based on your actual experience or a description of your make money online techniques, I think you will be able to find a right category for any information and post it. 

The best thing about revpages and articles posted on Apsense is that users can add their 3rd party advertising blocks (including google adsense) and collect money generated by such pages. 

From my earlier observations, I know that such revpages get good search engine positions and are capable of driving massive traffic to your website or generate advertising clicks (which will make you good money). 

To sum everything up, Apsense is a great tool for advertising and marketing your website alongside earning money by writing content. I think that revpages at Apsense could make a superb alternative to hubpages and squidoo lenses. I hope this site will be helpful to you, thanks for reading my blog entry and good luck in making money at home.