#5 Ways to Make an APSense Post Viral on LinkedIn

From: Brahim AGHZAF , Posted Date: Sep 7th, 2019

#5 Ways to Make an APSense Post Viral on LinkedIn

Brahim AGHZAF 

Tycoon I Premium    Social Media Adviser, prof. Author

For your posts to appear in the news feed of people outside your network, they must generate a massive number of interactions. Discover how to get this Grail and make  your APSense publishing a viral post.

With more than 16 million members in France- for example-, LinkedIn is the essential professional network for BtoB activities. A space where you can promote your APSense issues.

To be present on LinkedIn, you have 3 ways: your company  on APSense: ( Business Center & profile, your professional profile,  RevPages , articles and posts). It is this last ephemeral format that is most likely to become viral.

However, not all posts get the same buzz, and you must have seen posts in your news feed of people you do not follow. If they are displayed, it is because they managed to win a great enthusiasm among the community with a number of massive interactions. Let's see how to get this Grail and make an APSense viral post.

1. Understand how algorithms work

To make the most of LinkedIn's professional social network, you need to understand the key criteria of the algorithms for evaluating post quality. The algorithms take into account:

  • The quality of your content , that your publication should not be spam;
  • The absence of external link : this criterion is important for the platform to privilege content produced or taken up by users and that does not drive readers out of the site.
  • The sample of your relationships : the success of your post depends on indicators ranked in order of importance are: the number of likes, comments and shares. Each action weighs more and more weight. The main virality accelerator is the speed with which these interactions occur.

For publications that gain many interactions, LinkedIn publishers will then manually decide to display it to more users beyond your professional network.

The challenge is to get as many interactions as possible in a short time.

Did you know ?
A post is better than an article.

2. Write a post combining quality and originality

The first step towards success is first of all writing.

Several rules can help you write a quality publication:

  • Be concrete and concise . Some posts that tell an entire story or testimony also work, but it's more risky.
  • Do not use jargon , stay accessible to the greatest number.
  • Find an original idea related to your values : ecology, management, innovation, etc.
  • Choose a theme that is informative or to give your opinion on a topic.
  • The objective of your post is to stimulate the exchange, publish elements that encourage an answer.

    Finally, keep the authenticity in the tone. The more you engage personally, the more you will encourage your network to respond.

  • 3. Associate a media with the text

    Consider using the most appropriate type of message for the subject: videos, images, multiple images, text, or detailed articles.

    Did you know ?
    Despite the rumors, LinkedIn's algorithm does not favor any particular format.

    Thanks to this support, you multiply the opportunities to be seen and sharedand get more leads for APSense sbusiness center.

    Regarding the links, as we mentioned in the beginning of the article, make sure to stay in the network. LinkedIn will devalue a post that links to an external site. A simple post to relay the new article of your blog will not become viral. The # 1 platform of professional networks is a place of exchange, recommendation and position taking.

    Another tip: think about posting when your audience is the most connected to boost the speed factor interactions.

    4. Quote an influencer

    Use the @mentions to engage other people you know in a conversation or influencers. But beware of spam: Never quote a list of people you do not know or do not relate to the subject.

    Use this option with caution and only when you think you know someone who will have something valuable to add to the discussion.

    Our advice
    Add up to five mentions.

    5. Get involved and follow the post

    Once your post is online, your work does not stop there. As a community leader, you must remain present and engage in conversion:

    • Reply to comments;
    • Encourage them to submit their own opinion or to quote relevant people on the subject.

    The more engagement and feedback you get around your post, the more LinkedIn's algorithms will increase your score - your chances of getting through virality and your APSense apositive activitie must be!


    As you can see, LinkedIn has become an area of ​​strategic expression within the professional environment. Understanding the mechanics of virality and how your posts should be oriented will help you to be more and more present and influential.

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