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Tea Treasure tea comes directly to you from our tea gardens. We procure our teas seasonally direct from the tea-gardens to ensure consistent quality, buy black tea online. 

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A team of tea connoisseurs, tasters, who have taken it upon themselves to introduce healthy teas into daily routines for tea enthusiast, who like to experiment with taste. Although we cater the age old concept of `chai' yet we are a young brand created to revolutionize the way chai has been perceived, supplied and savored in the Indian market so far, buy darjeeling tea online, Tea Treasure is being associated with good times, relaxing, and overall well-being because these are the base attributes of our products and we bring these to our consumers by virtue of supplying high-quality Tea.

Address - Plot No-7, First Floor, Madhu Vihar,  Patparganj Industrial Area, 
                    New Delhi 110092, India 

Phone -   8800907893

EMail -    info@teatreasure.in

Website -  https://teatreasure.in/

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