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Issue released date: Aug 4th, 2011

A Muse's Frustrations


I will take you back in time when I have composed some poems from way back. Get a glimpse of a muse in her moments of desolation and confusion. Also in times of being'hopeful' of things to come in irony with my previous lamentations.  

Issue Content

The Lonely Surfer

Posted by on Jul 24th, 2011

Poem composed in the year 1995. One of my old poems written in an old notebook.i've had enough of love's trialslike a surfer out there in the watersmoving my body against the windagainst  high waves at the sea.when the tide sets to a high altitudei dazed at the sight of itunable to control the way i quiver.but when i just had to fight itto remain steady in my craftthe mighty wind just blew me awayand i could no longer what i am nowjust a lonely surfergettin' my own wayin this va...


Twisted World

Posted by on Jul 25th, 2011

Livin' my life in a solitary worldcreated by a vision of my lonelinessdark clouds cast over my tavernemphasizing my truly twisted world.Now all I can see is a dark-grey sky above mewish I could paint it blueto cast away this deserted placeto see the sun shining through.My once lonely , twisted world is goneand a  bright sunny day is aheadshadows of  happiness is here beside mejust a thought of you lifts me up.To forget forever my once twisted worldwish it wouldn't leave me this cl...


My Baby Blue Eyes

Posted by on Jul 27th, 2011

I fancy giving birth to theethis cute, cuddly babywith big, round eyes,never fail everyone to be mesmerized.I long to cuddle and touch your chubby cheeksalways capture your captivating smile, baby so meek,your dainty fingers may I soon hold on tomay God will for me to have you.You need not have Superman as your dadCoz I know it's near to impossible to have,A loving, responsible daddy is all we needAnd may I have you soon, yes indeed! *** FYI I'm not infanticipating or anything, must be this...


Home - The Fearless Princess's Portal

Posted by on Jul 27th, 2011

Kindly check out my new website and take a peek at some of my published articles, short stories, poems and featured blogs


Snowy's Secret World | Facebook

Posted by on Jul 28th, 2011

My Facebook fan page created for my fans and friends who supported through my writing life where they can be updated of my writing activities and get to interact with me



Posted by on Jul 30th, 2011

I got lost in a scary  paradisecaught a glimpse of my forbidden pastHere I am just a shadow of a manlost in equilibrium of my own doing.Some say I am a lonely creepevils things from within I keepBut all I wanted is some peaceFor I'm lost in this weary mess.I'm going to some place elseI'm going to find my wayI'll never get lost once againI'll try to find my way back home.Elizabeth E. Castillo © 1995


Beyond The Seas

Posted by on Jul 31st, 2011

I hear your voice from a farSo sweet, so tender like it used to beBeen calling your name even in my dreams,Caught up in my own worldBeyond illusions, beyond words.I feel your embrace enveloping meWarmth felt everytime we touchBeyond the seas, my love for you endures,Through the passing timeSweet moments have been captured.Our day of merriment would come soonerWhen you and I finally seal this love with a vow,Still wonderin' how we've come this farMaybe we're really meant to be somwhere, somehow.B...