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Issue released date: Feb 12th, 2011

Tips and Advice on How to Lose Weight Easily


It is not hard to lose weight. You just need know what to do and what to eat. Therefore, in this eZine, I will give you some useful tips and advice that you may need in order to get rid of your excessive weight.

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Simple Tips to Cut your Calories Intake and Lose some Weight | Facebook

Posted by on Feb 11th, 2011

Get to know the "secret" of cutting your calories intake and lose some weight!


How to Lose Weight the Easiest Way?

Posted by on Feb 12th, 2011

There is no easy way to lose weight in a very fast time. You have to do something in order to get rid of some weight.You can follow these steps for the fastest way to lose weight:1. Eat 6 small meals in a day about every 4 hours. This will increase your metabolism, which will enhance your energy level and will not allow fat deposition. Instead if you will go for dieting and eat less and less, your metabolism will slow down and will try to store more fat.2. In these 6 small meals, alternate betwe...