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Issue released date: Oct 13th, 2011

Network Wealth Issue # 1


What is an ezine?  An ezine is (simply put) an online magazine intended to bring information to it's subscribers.  When you subscribe to an ezine, it's the same as when you subscribe to "Life", "People", or "Sports Illustrated"... except an ezine is online. IE... (E)lectronic Maga(Zine).

What is my ezine? My ezine or "electronic magazine" will aid the affiliate marketer to make money while helping other affiliate marketers, online and offline businesses to make money. It's all about "network wealth", a Win-Win scenario for marketers, advertisers, consumers and businesses using social media, list builders, safe list mailers, traffic exchanges, a social sites and all th eonline tools available, including ezines. It's all about information leading to affiliate marketing "network wealth".

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What An Ezine Is Not

Posted by on Oct 13th, 2011

This great article by fellow APSense member Michelle Hoffman has motivated me to start up my own e-zine again. I like the idea of creating and maintaining my on online magazine.