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Due to this medium, Viagra's active component Sildenafil only works in sexually aroused men. It has no lust- enhancing effect and thus can not induce an construction. Sildenafil doesn't. 

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 Kamagra should be taken about an hour before sexual intercourse( let it melt briefly in the mouth), the effect begins after about 30 twinkles and lasts 4- 6 hours. It would be judicious to take the sexual enhancer on an empty stomach so that the effect occurs Kamagra Oral Jelly Kaufen briskly. Alcohol and high-fat refections delay the onset of action. In addition, the alcohol increases Sildenafil's side goods and causes( temporary) erectile dysfunction.

  side goods

 The most important given side goods are listed. They can do, but they do not have to because everyone responds else to drug. occasionally people are antipathetic tomedicines.However, tell your croaker

 or druggist incontinently, If you witness any signs of an antipathetic response.

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