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TVC Mall is a reliable online store wholesale Apple ipad accessories and other cell phone accessories and parts.  

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You can wholesale iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G parts, cases and spare parts for repair and replacements, iPad cases and iPod Cases, deliver directly from China at discounted pr... 

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Tvc-mall is a reliable online store wholesale Apple accessories like cheap ipad accessories and parts and other cell phone accessories, with high quality and competitive prices.
They are supported by hundreds Chinese factories. Their deals refer to accessories for several brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson etc.

Quality and Service

We have an experienced sourcing team and quality inspectors for cell phone cases, cell mobile phone accessories and cell phone parts. We have repairing technicians to fix and repair broken phones and we have wide range of PDA accessories suppliers, we worked with high class Tablet PC cases factories. Quality is strictly controlled and items are carefully selected, these assure our quality at a higher class level than competitors.
Over 20 sales girls with profound foreign language skills are serving 3,000 customers worldwide monthly, employees are being recruited with high requirements as customer quantity increases each month

Safe and Fast Delivery

What makes Tvc advantageous in delivery or shipment?
We have most items in stock, and majority within fast reach, because we’re in the centre of the big sourcing market, it’s a advantageous place. We have spot in the market specially for collecting orders. We worked directly with DHL/UPS/Fedex and in-depth experienced forwarders who knows both China and international shipment and government well. Orders are shipped 1~3 days after payment.

Competitive and Reasonable Prices

Tvc-Mall.com has deep business relationship with cell phone parts processing works and cell phone cases factories and other Tablet PC accessories manufacturers, this enables our competitive prices. Meanwhile Tvc-mall prices are set discounted with consideration for different customers, for both dropshipper and wholesalers, for repair shops and ebay-sellers, the principle is larger quantity, bigger discount.


Most mobile phone accessories we sell are with 1 year warranty. And for cell phone parts , we tested before shipment to make sure of the quality, specially for phone lcd screen and touch digitizer lens and digital gadgets. We try the cell phone cases with dummy models for newest models. We have equal return policy for all the customers

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