Issue released date: Jan 22nd, 2011

As we get into 2011


2010 wrapped up with a bang!  Major data breaches in Texas included The Houston Independent School District and the Dallas Police Department.  Houston's breach covered ten years worth of records on students, employees and vendors.  

We all know that there should be notification requirements and the majority of states do have some sort of reporting process but not all.  So you can't guarantee that you will be notified.  However the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse does keep a chronological list of reported breaches going back to 2005.  You can access that list through their website at  It's a very long list and there are already entries for 2011!

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Data Loss: Major Breach at Houston Texas School District

Posted by on Jan 5th, 2011

Once again we see the need for government regulations concerning protection of Personal Information. !0 years worth of Data was exposed By the seventh largest school district in the US.



If you think people search sites are harmless, think again | APSense Articles Directory

Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2011

What information is Spokeo selling about you and your family?



Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2011

About Spokeo from someone who is not an expert on Identity theft. This should concern all of us. Not just because of our information, but because of the information available on our family mambers!



I've got peace of mind-How about you? | APSense Articles Directory

Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2011

A good identity theft protection program should give you peace of mind by keeping you informed. It nice to know when things are added to your credit report. But if you never hear from your identity theft protection program, how do you really know that they are monitoring? Do you just assume that they are monitoring your credit history or do they tell you?


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