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Issue released date: Jan 24th, 2011

Beauty Secrets


Eye Secrets
Eye Secrets is a combination of eye beauty products which come as a full kit or sold separately, they include:
- Upper Eyelid Lift
- Under Eye Tightener
- Eye Lash Accelerator

Clear Pores
ClearPores is one of the largest brands in the acne market, their complete acne fighting kit contains the following:
- Herbal Supplement
- Deep Facial Wash
- Deep Body Wash
- Facial Protection Cream
- Body Protection Cream

Pai Skin Care
Pai is an organic skin care range for people with sensitive skin.

Many people look to organic skin care for the first time because they have developed a sensitivity or allergy to their existing skin care products.
Too often the choice is between unsophisticated organic balms in uninspiring packaging or ranges that claim to be natural, but are packed full of irritating chemicals and alcohol.

HGHAdvanced is the strongest non-prescription HGH product on the market today, this safe alternative to injections is taking the market by storm and with USP's like reducing wrinkles, improve memory, increase strength, boost immune system and improving your metabolism

Clean Skin MAX
Clear Skin MAX is an acne and skin impurity system which contains 5 key products to remove and cure acne, the kit includes:
- Oil Control Cleansing Gel
- Acne Vanisher Mask
- Melanin Expel Essence
- Pore Conditioning Lotion
- Acne Emergency Treatment Cream

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Beauty Secrets

Posted by on Jan 24th, 2011

Skin Care and Anti Ageing [Skin ClearMAX, HGHadvance, Pai Skin Care, Clear Pores, Eye Secrets]