Issue released date: Jan 2nd, 2011

1st Issue


Six months ago a meek, mild-mannered, unfocused traffic exchange surfer, today:
A focused, branding in progress, marketing intern and now proud author of Heinz57 eZine. 
I'm an active member of APSense and numerous social networking sites, from APSense to AdLand Pro to Ryze to Yuwie.
After years of surfing (1998-present), now focusing in two primary direction. I am researching and applying the techniques of social networking and traffic exchanges. 

Future topics are varied from articles on anger management, problem-solving and other personal growth issues. 
I will also write articles describing the programs that I have found helpful in my numerous years of experience. My pet-peeve is unsolicited links, so I will use my APSense business center for links.

Issue Content

What Makes this member Heinz 57?

Posted by on Dec 31st, 2010

Did I get you to the first page? Awesome. Who would use such a generic title as Heinz57? I would because it gives me freedom to roam topics yet be very focused and on target issues. What qualifies to be Heinz57? I could say my age, and you might say, "right!". Although my age does contribute to my experience, it is not the only factor that qualifies me as a Heinz57. So you say, we are all Heinz57's. That is correct, we are all Heinz57, however, I believe...