Issue released date: Dec 11th, 2010

Brunnis One-The end of the cycle


This is a bittersweet issue as we will be saying farewell to an old friend.  Kai has accomplished what he was meant to accomplish in the first cycle.  I think he and Lynna have earned the right to peacefully live out the remainder of their  years.  I envision them enjoying the great-grandchildren And possibly a few more greats thrown in there.  

Lynna lived 207 years before she set foot on the path to the Dream Zone.  A heartbroken Kai had a large stone obelisk dedicated to her placed on the school grounds when he had killed his first insect after  the family cremated her body on the same spot.

Kai lived another 35 years never getting over the loss of his mate.  In time when he set foot on the path, his numerous descendants cremated his body on the same spot and had another obelisk dedicated to Kai placed next to hers reuniting them in the Dream Zone.

Now to dab dry that tear, and let you know that we still have Protoblood Brothers by Billy Duncan and the Night Tiger stories to look forward to.

Issue Content

Night Tigers Chapter Six

Posted by on Dec 9th, 2010

Sam Wells was thinking clearly without the drugs in his system.  So the appearance of this ghost figure in his room was alarming.  No one human was that pale, not even an albino.  And the eyes were not right for an albino either.  Sam sat up in the bed a second before he felt something loosely circling his throat.             “Tell me about Prince.” The ghost asked.        ...




Posted by on Dec 10th, 2010

  The last time we were together  I grabbed his hand and I pledged  ‘If I ever draw my sword on you  May the Good Lord strike me dead’ -Iced Earth     CHAPTER FIVE   The Assassin, Thorin of Ostral-B that was, recoiled ever so slightly as his shuttle’s tertiary propulsion system roared to life, wrenching his craft—a shuttle sporting tri-foil wings and adorned with faded tribal markings—free of Stygiak’s pull.&nbs...



The First Cycle of Time Part 14

Posted by on Dec 10th, 2010

The Southern Continent was turning out to be just as big of an enemy as the insects themselves.  Heat exhaustion and dehydration ran rampant though the army.  Those born and raised in the Northern climes were finding that they could somewhat tolerate the coast and the jungle but the Gravity Desert was a No Man’s Land.  Kai was more than happy to let Hir take charge in the Desert.  Kai remained in Du’hellar coordinating the efforts between the Navy and the different ...



The End of the First Cycle

Posted by on Dec 11th, 2010

Aftermath The little hut had not changed.  Lynna thought back to her first visit here with Moira all those years ago.  It was Bann’s visit from the Dream Zone that had prompted that visit.  This visit had been prompted by a summons.  The door opened at her approach.  “Welcome Mother of Warriors.  You honor me.” The old woman bowed.  “Please enter and be at ease.” The woman sat at the table and poured tea into two cups.  She handed on...