Issue released date: Nov 20th, 2010

Brunnis One Issue 7


Wow the Holiday Season is here!  Thanksgiving is on Thursday for those of us in the U.S. So Happy Turkey Day!  Enjoy the food grab a cold one and fall asleep watching the football game surrounded by your friends and family.  But remember what the day is about-giving thanks.

If football isn't your thing then, Curl up and read the latest chapters of Night Tigers, Protoblood Brothers and The First Cycle.

We're also announcing a new contest for fan fiction over at the LEXXVERSE.  They are having a contest for a Christmas LEXX fan fiction story.  If you ever wanted to try your hand at writing, here's your chance.  Just click the LEXXVERSE banner and join the forum.  We're a nice group of people and  love to welcome new members. 

Now, on with the reading!

Issue Content

Night Tigers Chapter Three

Posted by on Nov 18th, 2010

            “Well Mr Gordons I must say this talent of yours is quite handy.” Prince said.  Prince was now inside the circuits of the space shuttle, Mr Gordons was sitting in the pilot’s seat.             “As is yours Mr Prince.  So you can merge with electronic devices, and I can assume the form of any device.  I calculate that the two of us could go far together.  But b...




Posted by on Nov 18th, 2010

The wheel, it turns, it comes around.  It makes an ancient rumbling sound. -Brunnen-G Nursery Rhyme     CHAPTER TWO   His Shadow could not have been happier. It had recently come to the attention of the self-appointed ruler of the Light Universe (his title a contradiction wrapped around a misnomer—the majority of the Light Universe’s inhabitants were scarcely aware of the Divine Order’s existence, let alone their supposed subjugation) that h...



The First Cycle of Time Part 11

Posted by on Nov 18th, 2010

The next  20 years consisted of massive production on the part of the humans.  Shipbuilders plied their craft creating a massive naval fleet of over 300 ships.  Smithy’s turned their attention to producing slings of all types.  Huge ones to outfit the navy.  Long range ones to arm the warriors and even smaller ones which could be conveniently carried in a sheath much like a Gortha.  The Gortha was now more of a symbolic weapon than a killing one.  ...



LEXX Christmas Fan Fiction Contest

Posted by on Nov 19th, 2010

Have you ever thought about trying your hand at writing?  Here's your chance.Lexx Christmas Fic ContestThe only requirement is that you must be a member of the LEXXVERSE and the Fan fiction must be LEXX based.  The winner will be determined by member voting and yes-if you are a member you can vote for yourself!Click on the link to get the full details.