Issue released date: Nov 7th, 2010

Brunnis One Issue 5


Time to mix things up a bit with the introduction of two new stories!

Night Tigers brings together two of the best assassins ever created as LEXX meets The House of Sinanju. This series combines the TV show LEXX with the Paperback adventure series The Destroyer created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.  

Protoblood Brothers gives us the story of Tharin, grandfather of Thodin who was introduced to fans in the very first episode of LEXX-I worship His Shadow.  Written by Billy Duncan AKA LEXXVERSE's Bilbo it's a great backstory on the history of the Austral B heretics

No we did not forget First Kai.  The First Cycle of Time continues and the conflict between human and insect continues on as the human side begins to become more organized.


Issue Content

Night Tigers Chapter one

Posted by on Nov 7th, 2010

Chapter 1   Chuin Master of Sinanju Emeritis was not happy.  It seemed the House of Sinanju had competition as the leading assassins in the world.  A new house of assassins was slowly gaining a reputation to challenge his own house.  It was time he had a talk with the ungrateful wretch he called a son. “ Remo!”   Remo Williams knew that tone.  Chuin was upset.  The last time Chuin sounded this upset was when the TV station preempted his...




Posted by on Nov 7th, 2010

              Here follows the tale of Tharin, grandfather of Thodin, forebear of the Ostral-B Heretics.    This narrative is an unauthorized excerpt from the epic pamphlet The Complete Mouth-Breathing Dullard’s Guide to the History of the Light Universe (Abridged Version 3.4), the only known copy of which was sealed and buried for all time on the desolate, lifeless moon of an insignificant little blue planet in the...



The First Cycle of Time Part 9

Posted by on Nov 7th, 2010

Thanks to Oudi’s efforts word of the new warrior’s school spread across Brunnis and young men began trickling into Duha’naur.    Soon the trickle became a steady stream.  Young men from all over Brunnis were coming to Duha’naur.  The school did indeed bring Commerce and trade to Duha’naur.  From sleepy little village Duha’naur had now grown into a small city.  Kai was still travelling but not like he was before the school was built.  ...