Issue released date: Oct 23rd, 2010

Brunnis One Issue 3


The continuation of First Kai's story along with a little treat from the LEXXverse.  The top 4 entries from a recent Limerick/Poem Contest.  If you want to see all the entries you can visit the submission thread here.

Issue Content

The First Cycle of Time Part 5

Posted by on Oct 17th, 2010

Bann muffled another cough.  The symptoms of his illness had returned.  She had promised that he would live to see Kai become what he was intended to be, and so he had.  Hunters from neighboring villages had been coming here for a number of years now to learn from ‘The Warlord’.  Using Kai’s teachings, many villages were seeking out burrows and destroying them.  But this man seated across the table from him was different.  He was from the southern contine...



The First Cycle of Time Part 6

Posted by on Oct 17th, 2010

In the two weeks since the attack on Duha’naur much had been accomplished.   The people of the world needed something to unite them and the legend of the long dead Brunn was just the thing, and Moira was just the person to see to it that the legend was embraced.  She once again turned to her favorite pastime, gossip.  She gossiped to anyone and everyone that would listen.  She told them of Bann, of his ‘demented’ state after stumbling on the ancient Brunn t...



Lexx limerick, haiku, poem contest!

Posted by on Oct 22nd, 2010

Angel Posted a new contest last month for Limericks, Haiku and poems over at the LEXXverse.  The contest just wrapped up and I thought I'd share the top four entries!  Some of them are a little racy!Abby1964's Entry:Assassin Kai cold, stiff and dead,Asleep in his cryopod bed.790 gets plucky,says "Hey Kai you are lucky,You can still get a little head!" Angel's Entry:There once was a Captain in red,Who was jealous of the dead, No matter how much he lied, Or how hard he tri...