Issue released date: Oct 10th, 2010

Brunnis One


Most of my stories are long, more like novels so I break it down into chapters.  I decided to try to keep this in chronological order.  If you read the first official issue there was a story called Time and Prophecy which is set right after the end of the TV series.  So from there I'm going back to the beginning and creating a back story of the events and history that lead up to the show.

The Premise is that time runs in circles, what has happened before will eventually happen again.  This is the First Cycle which deals with the life of the First Kai.

Issue Content

The First Cycle of Time Part 1

Posted by on Oct 10th, 2010

PrologueRakais was enraged. Another world had been tampered with, the balance destroyed. She felt the pain of her children dying at the hands of the insect race created by Echias. She knew what she needed to do but she needed the cooperation of her creation. When she created them with free will, she gave them the means to ignore her. Her temples were empty, abandoned by her children. All across the universe they were falling into ruin. She was cut off from communicating with them but she had to ...



The First Cycle of Time Part 2

Posted by on Oct 10th, 2010

When Kai was 20 years old, Irina fell ill. The family discovered just how deeply the gossip had damaged them. The only ones in the village that made any effort to openly support them were Lynna, Jurai and Jurai’s mate. When Irina stepped onto the path, the song for her walk was pitifully small, only five voices singing to ease her journey. While Bann wallowed in grief Kai seethed with anger and hatred. Deep inside of Kai the emotions festered and grew. The Jungle “Kai, pack for a j...