Issue released date: Dec 3rd, 2011

Brunnis 6.14


Well December is here.  We are approaching the 70th anniversary of The Attack on Pearl Harbor.  We have very few WWII Veterans that are still with us now.  If you are lucky enough to run into one, say thank you.  If not for their sacrificices, this world would be a much different place

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The Sixth Cycle Chapter 14

Posted by on Nov 26th, 2011

            “Leave them be!” First ordered as several Kais started forward toward the unconscious twins.  “They are fine.  They are Kai, like we are Kai.  They have been chosen.  They are of the Pantheon.”             The twins stirred.  Dario got to his feet and then offered his hand to his sister helping her up.  He looked at her for a momen...



The Fall of the Divine Order Chapter 5

Posted by on Dec 3rd, 2011

Gigashadow would have breathed a sigh of relief had he been human.  Kai was non functional.  The last of the protoblood that had animated him was gone.  And the tubes that carried the protoblood to the assassins’ hive in the mortuary were dry.  They had been disconnected in the beginning days of the cleansing.                 All of the assassins were gone too.  They had all been given ...



Encyclopedia Brunnis-Timor, Torq

Posted by on Dec 3rd, 2011

Timor-A popular boy's name on Terlara reserved for use only by families that could trace their lineage back to the Third Kai.Timor the Greater- Grandson of the third avatar.  Died in battle fighting at his grandfather’s side. Timor the Lesser- Husband of Xev Bellringer Torq- was the first human verified to have been killed by the insects.  Although he was a lifelong enemy of the First Kai, Kai avenged his death and honored Torq's memory by naming his second son in Torq's hon...