Issue released date: Aug 27th, 2011

Brunnis 3.18


Once again we come to the end of a cycle and the death of a Kai.  The insects are defeated again, but not for long.  We all know the events of the Fourth Cycle.  The insect that escaped into the Light Universe not only created the Divine Order, it destroyed Brunnis 2.  Thinking it was successful it is act of genocide to insect chose to keep one specimen of the Brunnen G, the Fourth Kai.

7000 years after the destruction of Brunnis 2 the insect discovered it was wrong.  The Brunnen G lived on.  Several warriors fled the original Brunnis before the Exodus settling on the planet of Terlara where a new Kai was born. (Fifth Cycle of Time).  The insects were finally defeated for the last time in the fifth cycle, or where they?

But in honor of the Kais and the sacrifices they made I think this video is a great tribute.  Thank you Squish for putting this together!

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The Third Cycle of Time-Chapter 24

Posted by on Aug 20th, 2011

“We all know of the seven rebels, Brunnen G warriors who put their honor and the call of duty above all else.  They fight even as others condemn them.  They fight not only for the Brunnen G but for all humanity. They started with seven fighting alone.  They stand on Pordyah today their number reduced to three, but they will not fight alone.” Tano said. “We are the children of the Brunnen G.  All of us are descended from the warriors who came here decades ago.&n...



Transition 3

Posted by on Aug 20th, 2011

                Selai watched as the last of her people boarded the transports.  She took one last look around at the dry dusty ground of Brunnis.  The stabilizers still fired keeping both suns stable.                  This is what they all died for she thought, Kai and the others.  A soon to be barren hunk of rock, the ...



Encyclopedia Brunnis-Lyekka, Lynna

Posted by on Aug 20th, 2011

Lyekka-Member of an extinct species of carnivorous plants befriended by the Messengers and the Fourth Avatar, she was killed by Mantrid and her species destroyed when the Light Universe was destroyed.  Mantrid created asteroids based on her species to try to enslave and destroy human life in the Dark Zone after the destruction of the Light Universe. Lynna-Mate of the first avatar and known as the mother of warriors, Lynna grew up in the village of Duha'naur with Kai the Warlord.&nb...



Another Dawn Chapter 3

Posted by on Aug 22nd, 2011

“Zev! Zev!” Stanley shouted when entering her sleeping room. He did not expect her sleeping again so he took no care for that possibility. Indeed she was not sleeping. In fact she even wasn't in her room. She might have been gone to the bridge to look after him. And so he run down the gallery to the bridge but no Zev was there. Stand slapped his hand onto his forehead. Of course! She would have gone for eating! So he ran down the gallery to the Feeding room. But no sign of Zev. Where ...



Elementals-Chapter 4

Posted by on Aug 23rd, 2011

Travelling.             Benai saw his hometown looming in the distance.  Subconsciously, his pace slowed just a little bit.  There were so many memories there.  Good ones, horrible ones.  The events that had shaped most of his life had happened in that town.  And the last time he had seen it was 11 annuals ago.             He was not worried about bein...