Issue released date: Jan 22nd, 2011

Brunnis 2.3


We continue the story of the second cycle and also have started a 'reprint' of the Fifth cycle since that is where all the Kai's sort of come from.  Night tigers is back again this week and then will be taking a short break.  Remo and Kai will be back soon.  I just have another Kai demanding my attention right now.

Issue Content

The Fifth Cycle of Time Part 1

Posted by on Jan 16th, 2011

A Meeting of the Kais(Drama/comedy)     Second and Fourth Kai sat at the table.  The two of them always tended to be the first to arrive.  Third Kai entered the room holding the door for the aged First Kai to hobble in.  Only Third Kai seemed to take the elderly First Kai in stride, but then again Third Kai unlike the two young Kai’s already seated at the table was on the far side of middle age.   For the two younger Kai’s it was difficult to reconcile...



The Second Cycle of Time-Chapter Four

Posted by on Jan 17th, 2011

“Lowen, Thank you for coming so soon.” Tortha greeted his friend.  “It sounded as if you had something of great importance to discuss with me.” Lowen said as he eased into the chair across the table from his former commander. “Yes of extreme importance.  I want you to come back to the school as an instructor.  You have been working with the researchers on the Dragon Fighter Program.  I want you to take over as instructor of the returning Junior Pilot c...



Night Tigers Chapter Twelve

Posted by on Jan 21st, 2011

May I ask Mr Prince, why you had Mr Palazzo begin spreading that rumor about the Russian Mafiya targeting the Triads?  I do not understand what purpose it serves in achieving our objective.” Gordons said. “It will lead to the three major crime syndicates all at war with each other.  It will create havoc.  I enjoy creating havoc.  And Kai has given me that opportunity.  Not to mention that eventually we would have to also deal with them.” Prince answered....



The Fifth Cycle of Time Part 2

Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2011

Terlara 1000 Years Ago As far as prisons went it was pretty damned cushy Stanley thought to himself but it was still a prison.  He and Xev had been locked in this suite of rooms for three days now.  They had been provided food, a viewscreen, books, anything and everything to entertain them and pass the time but they were not allowed to leave.  Stanley knew they should have stayed on the LEXX.  But Xev just had to explore this world.  It seemed okay at first.&...