Issue released date: Jan 15th, 2011

Brunnis 2.2


We are well into the second cycle of time with a young second Kai.  

Our favorite Divine Assassin is on a mission in Night Tigers.

Also take a moment to stop by and say hello at Outer Limits.  We now have groups dedicated to LEXX and Dr Who.

Issue Content

Night Tigers Chapter Eleven

Posted by on Jan 13th, 2011

Harold Smith sat at his desk and looked at the four individuals sitting in front of him.  “Miss Bellringer, I’m glad that your ordeal was not overly traumatic.  I know that both Stanley and Kai were worried about you.” “Speaking of which, where is my hunk of delectable death?” 790 demanded. “A question that is also on my mind, along with a missing Master of Sinanju I might add.” Smith said looking pointedly at Chuin. “I believe the young men can take car...



The Second Cycle of Time-Chapter Three

Posted by on Jan 13th, 2011

 “Cadets cleared and ready for launch.” The voice spoke over the comm  link.  “First squad, flitters one through fifteen,  Squad leader has command.” “Understood Control.” Kai acknowledged.  He lifted his flitter off the pad watching as the squad all followed.  “First squad is airborne, control.” “First Squad take up holding pattern Alpha.” Control instructed. “First Squad acknowledged.” Kai responded. “Second Squad Flitte...



Have you ever written any fan fiction?

Posted by on Jan 15th, 2011

We wrapped up Protoblood Brothers last week by Guest Writer Billy Duncan.  Thank you again Billy for sharing it with us!So what about you who are reading this eZine right now?  Have you ever thought of writing fan fiction?If so and it's about anything Science Fiction, Fantasy horror etc remember this is an open submission eZine and we'd love to publish your stories!  They don't have to be novels short stories are welcome too!  Just remember the TOS, No pornography etc and we ...