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The Ark Newsletter 

This eZine is the online newsletter for The Ark Church! 

A Death Worth Living For 

A uniquely powerful book exploring the highly complex issue of death & dying from the perspective of 'regular everyday people' 

Todays House Husband 

a magazine for the modern househusband and stay at home dad. 

Self coaching magazine 

Become your own lifecoach and start creating the life you really want deep inside. No dreams are too big, no wish is too small. You can make it, too. May you flourish and prosper. 


my e-zine is a platform where I encourage women to be different. I will be giving advise through story telling. Showing women that being different it's what makes us unique.Encouraging inner beauty. 

The Pennington Point Private eZine 

Fun encouragement for Mom from a homeschooling mother of 9! 

Oh Ho Ho It's Philosophy Private eZine 

Philosphy classs  

Nail'D Private eZine 

This ezine features work from different nail techs, tips for your nails, etc. 

Boi Toy Magazine Private eZine 

Dedicated to the lifestyle of boys who pride themselves on being boy toys. 

Mustang Alumni News Private eZine 

This is the official online newsletter of the West Orange-Stark Alumni Foundation, known as WOSAF, a non-profit organization serving Orange, TX. 

The Journey of Self Love & Strength 

This Zine will be dedicated to the journey of self love for African American women and girls. It will be a compilation of opinion, art, and significant information. 


we're here, we're queer, and we're teenagers. we like books, fashion, relationships, and everything in between. 

The Blissful Garden Gift Basket Tutorial  2 subscribers

Learn how to make beautiful gift baskets at a fraction of retail prices. All you need is your imagination. It's easy & so much fun!!  

Durex Property Search  2 subscribers

We are Abuja property Scouts... 

Psychedelic Breakfast 

A mix of some writing, music, personal things and anything artsy!  

Ruminate Private eZine 

A cathartic space created for OCD sufferers. This zine encourages poetry, short stories, anecdotes and, of course, ruminations.  

Retro Vintage Kolektion 

Fashion lookbook 

Infernum Private eZine 

good mag depicting cool stuff to read. 


A Self Help Guide to Living Your Life On PURPOSE! Providing Resources on~ *Self Discovery *Inspiration *EMPOWERMENT *Personal & Professional Development *NETworking vs. NOTworking *Celebrati 

Real People 

Who cares about social standards. We are all perfect and here is just a place to remind you of that