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Pricebenders auctions 

PRICEBENDERS™ Penny Auctions allow you to bid on and win hot, name brand products for a fraction of the retail price (typically more than 90% off)!  

Japanese News Private eZine 

Get the latest news from Japan here. 

Park Youth 

This magazine focuses on the local youth culture of Portsmouth, The United Kingdom 

Fundamental For Christ Private eZine 

Here's an ezine for those that truly believe in the Bible. It's for any fundamental Christian. It has helpful articles from a Biblical Counselor and Doctor of Theology. Inspiration and news isn't far. 

Buy and Sell Online  2 subscribers

Places to buy and sell online. Free offers. 

Home & Kitchen Appliances Shopping Zone 

Home & Kitchen Appliances - Check out shopping tips, ideas, popular brands, latest prices of various types of home & kitchen appliances... 

Parents Zone - Baby Kids Care Tips 

Welcome to Parents Zone - Check out baby kids caring tips, kids shopping tips, family & parenting ideas. 

School Uniform 

This E-zine will be about our School's (Haileybury Almaty) Uniform! 


THE GRAPEVINE... Each one, teach one... What have you recently discovered or come to terms with that you want to pass on? 

The Athena Press 

An eZine brought to you by Gillian Turner, a 15 year old feminist from Texas. You will receive bi-weekly updates on pressing issues and useful information in the feminist community. 

The Topical Rant  2 subscribers

The Topical Rant is a ezine that discusses topics that would be discussed over a cup of coffee. Topics such as Property, Politics, Business, Sport, Arts and Entertainment and other interesting things. 

The Qluttony times Private eZine 

this is about 1 of the seven deadly sins 

Speaking Truth by Carmelita McRoy Private eZine 

Live a happier, healthier, stress free life right now. I will give you weekly tips to help you have the great life you have always wanted and deserved. Expect It, Believe It, Receive It! 

Authentically Yours 

Two people can have two very different lifestyles and interests, and still be living authentically. Gain ideas about how you can live the life you were meant to live. 

Airspace in the Classroom 

An American Studies project about Airspace in the Classroom 


Right connections at the right place! CVM gets you in the middle of happenings. Villas, Yachts,Jets,Helicopters,Cars. Don't waste your or your loved once time/money/patience we are just a "click" aw 

Azenza Lifestyle 

The Official Azenza Lifestyle Electronic Magazine 

teenssummerclub Private eZine 

It's an ezine about the activities that we are going to do during this summer in the TEENS SUMMER CLUB.  


Luxeindulge is India's first and true Luxury Marketplace (invitation-based) for Travel Experiences, Entertainment and Luxury Lifestyle (Art; Photography, Fashion, Wines, Watches, Fragrances, Golf, etc 

Eat a balance diet to keep healthy 

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