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PaperDolls have taken to their bed! The bed, the leaba, the doss! A cot, a bunk, a bunker: a hideout, a retreat. The bed hosts peaceful sleepy dreaming, pleasure and rest, and harvests quiet nightm 

Midnight Hour 

Romantic writing, and such. 

Video Games Workshop 

Here we will discuss every thing related to video games development . 

No White Lines Private eZine 

Combining and defining the cultures. With our roots deep in the vw and hip hop scenes, we bring u the very best that each has to offer, and appreciate art in all its forms. 

8E English Private eZine 

all the stuff that 8E likes to talk about! 

Whats Happening Detroit!!! 

Whats Happening Detroit!!! is a Montly Online Magazine that tell what's going on in Metro Detroit. 


this is what it is not. 

Sci Fi EZine Private eZine 

Updates from the science fiction world, writing prompts, and updates on my upcoming releases. Free advertisement for sci fi authors also available. 

The Anti Brady Bunch Private eZine 

Tips and tricks for being the best wife, mother and homemaker when you are far from perfect.The inside story on all things family without the sugar coating. 

Cheap accommodation Romania 

Cheap accommodation Romania, Busteni Prahova Valley. Busteni enjoys many ski slopes, and also some wonderful churches, monuments, museums and castles. 


PST Upgrade and downgrade quickly with a powerful PST conversion tool to upgrade or degrade MS Outlook PST files. 

The Monthly Cycle 

Something for everyone, covering news topics and producing hilarious rants. We hope you enjoy our content.  

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a blog! 

Promoting the well rounded geek lifestyle one day at a time! 

Canadian Space Organization  2 subscribers

Proposal to launch the Canadian Space Organizations' plan of Canada's own space station. 

tjg Private eZine 

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Jary Poe Villanueva 

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 

AT Writes  3 subscribers

Dedicated to the expression of ideas and experience at AT. 


Hey random people/site-viewers/adoring fans. This is an e-zine made by two BFFs, for BFFs. We have book reviews, music downloads and freaky/cool pictures. We also have a blog with our thoughts. 


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