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What We Blogged 

What We Blogged is a collaborate e-zine (online magazine) with other bloggers who are tired of seeing and reading the same thing. A place where bloggers and any social media junkie can come and get th 

Appalachian Chillin' 

Grade 4 students of Bethel Elementary share their unique Appalachian voices and perspectives in this delightful e-zine. Publishing their work in the 'real world' is a powerful incentive. Enjoy! 

Christening Photographer London 

As a highly reputable christening wedding photographer in London Peter Lane produces unique and the most beautiful photographs. 

Buy Zodiac Chakra Online 

ELEMENT: Earth STONE: Emerald Consider layering your zodiac necklace with its celestial counterpart, Venus. 

Wholesale fashion handbags  2 subscribers

Looking fashionable is possible if and only if there are a good pair of heels for you to sport your lavishly trendy and stylish looks. Fashions fade away now and then but it is the solid style that lo 

Shenzhen Western Electronic 

We are shenzhen Western Electronic Co., Ltd, specialized in manufacture and wholesale screen protector, iphone case more than 7 years. 

Judgement Free Zine 

Here you will find a collection of creative writing written by campers in grades 7-11. Each piece of literature is completely unique in both study and subject matter. 

Lokahitam August Edition 

Namasthe, Below is our e-Zine for the Month of August which includes diversified articles of your interest. We appreciate your feedback. 

Life, Lists, Art 

My month by month to-do list made into a zine for people to see.  

A pool of think 

This zine is a collection of thoughts, poems, tweets, whatever. I want to recreate my mind in all its entirety.  

Love Life  2 subscribers

Simple and easy recipes, art ideas, hair, makeup and a bit of fashion. 

SoUL Week 2015 

Societies of UL Week 2015  

Media Ads  2 subscribers

Promoter Online & Offline 

Photography Magazine  2 subscribers

Photography mag 

women studies 

women studies 

Trendy Shopping Tips Destination 

Welcome To Shopping Tips Destination & Check out trendy shopping tips & ideas for all products related to lifestyle, appliances, automotive accessories...  

The Cross Niche Trainer  2 subscribers

The Cross Niche Trainer E-Zine, provides bi-monthy insights for helping entrepreneurs learn how to re-purpose their efforts,to become cross niche writers and/or trainers for diverse industries.  

Art Topix 

Artist Interviews, Store Sales, Art Shows and more are included in this premier e-zine for artists, taggers, tut writers and anyone interested in art and design 

Distressed Leather Briefcases for Mens 

Check out the most coolest leather briefcase for mens. 

FairyTaleRedux Private eZine 

thing for the assignment