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In today’s economy, many homeowners are looking to sell their homes and get into a new home with a lower price and interest rate. Many realtors will tell their clients that in order to sell their home quickly and without a problem, they should spruce up the home by placing staging elements throughout the home.

Staging refers to the practice of making a home look lived in and homey. Realtors and homeowners do this by purchasing items like mercury glass candle holders and venetian glass mirrors and placing the items throughout the home. This makes the home pleasing to the eye and allows potential buyers to see the home as a relaxing, comfortable and easy to live in.

Venetian glass mirrors are a popular choice for staging because the mirrors are very beautiful and offer a classic elegance that is pleasing for any room in the home. The mirrors have a long history of beauty and elegance. Venetian glass mirrors are known to b some of the most delicately produced in the world. Venetians were the main mirror makers in Italy. Venetian glass mirrors started out being produced as round pieces, but eventually makers moved to creating oblong mirrors. They have been making mirrors for hundreds of years, and true venetian-made mirrors are very expensive. But buyers can purchase mirrors that look much like the famous Venetian mirrors.

Venetian mirrors come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some are used as mantle mirrors. Other mirrors are full length and can be put in dressing rooms to add a casual elegance to any smaller closet room. Other mirrors are large enough to hang on a wall and become a room’s centerpiece. The larger mirrors can open up any room and make the room look much larger than it actually is.

Another popular staging product is mercury glass candle holders. Mercury glass is a more common term that some use to refer to silvered glass. It is blown double walled and layers are the silvered using a liquid silvering solution. Mercury glass candle holders are then sealed. Mercury was originally used as a coating for mirrors, making them reflective, but eventually glass makers took the material and created reflective candle holders and other glassware with the material. The candle holders offer a shine and reflection to any room, and are very eye catching and colorful. Mercury glass candle holders can offer any room a touch of beauty and elegance.

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