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SoUL Week 2015 

Societies of UL Week 2015  

Media Ads 

Promoter Online & Offline 

Photography Magazine 

Photography mag 

women studies 

women studies 

Trendy Shopping Tips Destination 

Welcome To Shopping Tips Destination & Check out trendy shopping tips & ideas for all products related to lifestyle, appliances, automotive accessories...  

The Cross Niche Trainer 

The Cross Niche Trainer E-Zine, provides bi-monthy insights for helping entrepreneurs learn how to re-purpose their efforts,to become cross niche writers and/or trainers for diverse industries.  

Art Topix 

Artist Interviews, Store Sales, Art Shows and more are included in this premier e-zine for artists, taggers, tut writers and anyone interested in art and design 

Distressed Leather Briefcases for Mens 

Check out the most coolest leather briefcase for mens. 

FairyTaleRedux Private eZine 

thing for the assignment 

Communication 6.3 

Canada British Columbia Communication 12 - 6.3 Create Ezine 

dotRadio Magazine 

1st Unofficial 

Full Movie Cloud 

Full Movie Cloud 

The Legacy Coalition, Art and Tribe Winter 2014 

Join The Legacy Coalition to learn more about art, drumming, living the creative life. This magazine has something for everyone! Artists Insights, real blogs about art as a business and inspirations!  

The Timeline of Hip-Hop Private eZine 

Hip-Hop is considered one of the newest (if not the absolute newest)form of music. But even with that, Hip-Hop has gone through many changes as the decades go on. This zine will take you through them. 

Social Justice Disrupters Private eZine 

This zine is meant to disrupt the hegemonic notions of white supremacy and its role in education. Content in this zine is inspired through the conversations of Literacy and American Cultural Diversity 


To let you know how and when you can access promotions sales and events and the happenings of Delia Alleyne 

Christian Indie Author Magazine 

This is a Magazine that helps Christian Indie Authors learn the basics of Indie publishing and marketing. Will also showcase the newest trends, techniques, skills in Indie Publishing and Marketing. 

NUI Galway International summer School Private eZine 

NUI Galway International Summer School 

Cherry Design Times 

I am here to educate and encourage individuals that want to explore their own creativity in the quilting arts. I have designed patterns and products to make this exploration easier. 

THE Necessary Movement Quarterly 

A publication by TNM displaying the various events, activities, and information sponsored by the organization.