The Sixth Cycle Chapter 14

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 26th, 2011

            “Leave them be!” First ordered as several Kais started forward toward the unconscious twins.  “They are fine.  They are Kai, like we are Kai.  They have been chosen.  They are of the Pantheon.”

            The twins stirred.  Dario got to his feet and then offered his hand to his sister helping her up.  He looked at her for a moment raised his arm and fired his brace slicing off her hair just below her left ear.  He repeated the process on the hair on the right side before fore walking around her to slice off what was left in the back.

            “Thanks, now I don’t have to try to convince her to cut it.” Loanna dryly told him.

            One of the Kais stepped forward.  “Dario, how did you learn to wield the brace with such control?”

            “Close to 9000 years of practice.”

            “I take it you two have things well in hand.” First said as he released the atoms of the construct.

             “First let me assure you that Dario and Loanna are fine.” Loanna said to the gathered Kais.  “We simply need their bodies for a bit.  You need to know what you are up against and they need the benefit of our knowledge.”

            “This is a joke, right?” One of the Kais said.

            “Do I look amused?  I am not a happy camper right now and would love to take my misery out on you if you would care to volunteer.”  Loanna invited.

            “Calm down Third.  It’s not like you have to remain that way for eternity.” Dario said. “Dario and Loanna are allowing us the use of their bodies.   The Third Incarnation is possessing Loanna, I am the Fourth Incarnation.

We are doing this for their benefit and for yours.   Prince is determined to kill you all.  We are just as determined to prevent that.”

“But the Incarnations are long dead.” Another Kai spoke up.

“The dead do not allow being dead to stand in the way of obtaining their objective.” Fourth said.  “Dario and Loanna will lead you in this fight.”

“You all need more training than you have and the information on Prince.  We will remain here until that is accomplished.” Third added.



“Dumi, was the second Kai’s uncle.  A lot of bad blood there I can tell you, but it seems that they came to an understanding at the end.” Fifi told Prince.  “He regrets not apologizing to Kai, although he did apologize to his sister, Kai’s mother.”

“So show me what this Dumi looks like.” Prince demanded.



“The Brunn visited you?” Nira asked.

“Yes, they are very interested in what is occurring.” Dumi told her.

“In all the eons we have been here no one has ever seen a Brunn.” Jute said.  “We have hunted for them and never found them.  I cannot take this on face value Dumi.  I will speak with Oudi, father of Set and Hir.  He knows more about the First People than I do.

We of the desert still maintained some of their customs and still used some of their temples for the purposes they had been built for.  The Brunn were bloodthirsty warriors, I doubt that they would come to us peacefully, they would come for conquest.  It was their nature.  I fear that this is a deception and my brother is the intended victim.”



The Fake Kais (as 790 had taken to calling them) all gathered around watching the man slowly get to his feet.  This was only the second time Loanna had flattened him.  Fourth, in Dario’s body, nonchalantly sipped a beer and looked on in amusement.  Third was not a happy camper being inside of Loanna’s body. The man on the ground was proof of that.

However Loanna’s reputation was growing.  She was becoming known for being a no nonsense and ruthless Kai.  Third took exception to being hit on by drunken males. This one outweighed Loanna by at least 50 lbs.  Fourth felt a smile forming on his face as he sensed Dario’s amusement at seeing the bigger man get thrown around like a rag doll.  “Aka’tai, an ancient Brunnen G martial art.” He thought for Dario’s benefit.

He suddenly lifted his arm and fired his brace snatching the knife out of the man’s hand.

“No cheating.” Fourth said.  “She hasn’t braced you, I would count myself lucky and leave her alone before she really gets serious and permanently injures you.”

The man responded with a snarl.  Third sighed and said “Sometimes you just can’t reason with people.”  This time when the man attacked, he found him self once again being thrown.  He felt the impact on the floor immediately followed by a pop and overwhelming pain as his shoulder was violently dislocated tearing ligaments and tendons.  He rolled over onto his back cradling his arm only to find a dainty booted foot pressing against his throat.

“When a lady says no, she means no.  I have a feeling that you have never taken no for an answer, but you will take it now.”  Third twisted Loanna’s  foot digging the heel of her boot into the side of the man’s beefy neck.   “I can also guarantee you will take it in the future, that is if you recover from the paralysis.  Someone call a healer for this waste of oxygen.”

Kai-Terrell was offering her a fresh beer, “How did you do that Loanna?  It was amazing.”

“Let’s just say there’s something inside of me that really cannot stand amorous drunks pawing on me.” She replied.

Kai-Terrell pondered the situation for a moment.  “It’s really true isn’t it?  You are both possessed by the Pantheon Majora.  Others question and doubt but I’ve seen Dario fire his brace, he doesn’t have that much control and Loanna has never been this quick tempered.  I will make every effort to learn what you wish to teach.”



Second was in his place of solitude, a large hangar containing all sorts of aircraft that he had recreated from dozens of worlds.  Right now he was tinkering with his current favorite, a replica of an Earth F-18 Hornet Blue Angel performing aircraft.  He had luckily managed to view one of the Blue Angels’ performances while Fourth was on Earth and was impressed with the grace and beauty of their aerial formations.

He had been coming here for 2 weeks, ever since Jute had sent word about the mysterious Brunn that had visited Dumi.  So he was not surprised when Dumi entered the hangar.  Nor was he surprised at the glint of the crystal flask that hung around Dumi’s neck.  Showtime he thought to himself.

“Dumi,” Second greeted him.  “What are you doing here?  You should be stuck in the Dream Zone.”

“Well yes, Kai I should.  But Brak has been working on a way to free us from our imprisonment and I had to try it.  I wanted to talk to you, to apologize for my behavior toward you in the past.  It was not the behavior my nephew deserved.” Prince said.

“No it was not, but that is water under the bridge.  That is why I added you to the first mission.  It was an honor to be included on that mission, I’m just sorry that it ended the way it did.” Second said.

“You could not have foreseen what was to come, and I understood that you were attempting to make peace between us.  I simply never had the chance to tell you that.” Prince responded.

“I appreciate the effort Dumi.”

“I feel as if I should do more.” Prince said.  “Perhaps help in some way in this current fight.”

“There is not much to do now.” Second said.  “The Kais on Corleone suffered a major blow thanks to Prince, but they will persevere.  They are planning a counter attack soon.”

“Really? Perhaps I can help with that.”  Prince said.

“Perhaps you can, but right now even we actual Kais don’t know what they plan.  You really want to help?” Second asked.

“Yes, I do.  Maybe it will make up for my former sins.” Prince replied.

“Try to come back in a couple of days, I will take you to meet the other Kais and we may know something by then.  This time we can really be on the same side, we can fight as a united family.”  Second said.

“Yes, we can.” Prince said.



“Prince contacted Second?” Third asked.

“Yes, in the form of young and studly’s uncle, Dumi.” 790 replied.

“What a moron.” Third said. 

“Over confidence is Prince’s weakness.  So now we start to feed misinformation to Prince.” Fourth said.

“So what misinformation should we feed him?” 790 said.

“Boreal has had a lot of unrest, Tell Prince that they plan to make an example of Boreal.  That they believe Boreal was behind the destruction of the temple on Corleone.”  Third said, ignoring Loanna’s voice telling him that it was a lie.  “We will send Kai-Terrell to Boreal to meet with their leaders and let them know what is going on.  I don’t think Prince will be able to resist stirring the pot.”

“And if we are lucky we will catch a mouse named Fifi in our trap.” Fourth said.

“You are learning, Fourth.  Manipulation is a powerful tool when used right.”  Third replied.

“So when should young and studly to tell his ‘Uncle Dumi’ about this?” 790 asked. 

“After Kai-Terrell gets back.” Fourth said.