Another Dawn Chapter 12

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 29th, 2011

Her heart beat faster and she almost jumped upstairs for she feared loosing him again. Upstairs was a wooden  corridor to the left and to the right. Three opened metal doors, richly decorated just like the entrance. One on the left side down the corridor, one right in front of her and another one on the right side the other way down. In front was a bathroom as far as she could see. She realized a bathtub made of sandstone and a washbasin. Some towels were stored there, probably a toilet but she had no time for she got more and more upset for she could not hear any sound of Kai. She turned left and ran down to the other open door.

“Kai?” She wanted to shout but her voice was trembling with upcoming fear. “Kai!” She reached the room. A bedroom with a big wooden bed on it. A lot of pillars and a few blankets. A wardrobe with more towels, pillars and blankets in but no Kai.

She coursed herself for having chosen the wrong side and growled while starting to roll back a faster way down the corridor in Cluster Lizard style. She almost hit the other wall with the window for it was not a very long corridor and with a heart almost beating up her throat she found him lying on the second bed. He just was lying there, his boots and clothes on, lying half on his belly the pillar grabbed under his head breathing slowly but deep.

She knelt down besides the bed and felt his pulse on his neck. He still was alive. He was just asleep.  Zev felt as her heart came down to a normal rhythm for she still was afraid that something went wrong with him. She wondered how one could fell asleep that soon and that deep but in fact Kai had not slept for over 6000 years. Hopefully he would not catch up his missed sleep yet.

She decided not to undress him but let him sleep for it seemed he really needed it. She got rid of her shoes and lay down besides him. She could not resist stroking over his cheek while watching him sleep peacefully. She definitely was thinking about doing something different to him right now, but that was all in her mind and she just had to wait.

Zev never was so close to get a dream come true. She had waited for so long time never expecting that things could turn out this good but therefore she was willing to wait until they would get their time. She was thinking of a few things she would like to experience with him. Would it be different to her experience she made with the monks? Would it feel different? It had to be for she had been longing for Kai ever since she first saw him. Was that normal to long for someone that was actually up for killing her and Stan? Longing for someone who was a living dead and a Divine Assassin? It was so ridiculous. But on the other hand, all other men she had – or almost had – never gave her more that a short satisfaction. She realized that just her body was satisfied but shortly after she felt incomplete again for something within only wanted Kai.

When meeting Prince and kissing him she thought that her longing could be pleased by him, for he was so different to all other men she ever met. Even different to Kai. While kissing her this inner voice went silent for a few moments. All her longings for Kai were erased for that moment and she did not feel incomplete for the  first time. So she had to cry when she saw Prince dying. But soon she realized that everything what Prince had done to her was to erase Kai out of her soul. She became ware the situation on the gondola, when Prince returned with a body-copy of Kai and therefore she immediately fell in love again with him. With Kai, as she thought.

It was very hard for her to discover that it was not a living version of Kai but Prince. She felt ashamed for she had almost given in to Prince but that was another point she now saw, that all her longings ever were about Kai. Even on Earth while trying to get some experience with the guys there she ended up in finding another Kai but finally killed him. Se never felt that sick before but when her “real” an undead Kai  then showed up she shortly after came over with the happenings. All that mattered was that he was around her. For he had no feelings and would not please her longings she had to feel for both of them.

Getting kissed by him shortly before his second sacrifice, sealed her destiny with this man. He was alive for a short time and the first thing he did was to kiss her. Though it was a kiss for goodbye, he  could just have let them unknowing about his state but he gave in to his first impulse. Ans now they were closer to each other than any time before.

Zev could wait for him. This time she was so close to him, she could feel his breath on her skin. She could see his chest moving while breathing and she even realized his slow but strong pulse on the side of his neck. He would not sleep forever, he would not have to return to cryostatis. He was here with here and the moment of fulfilling her dreams was so close that she could wait.

But not in her dreams. While realizing that she was about to fall asleep, she softly grabbed his hand and her mind started to drift away with upcoming very intense and sexual fantasies.