Another Dawn Chapter 4

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Aug 29th, 2011


Zev could no longer stand it. She shook off Stanley who protected her from falling onto the stone floor half aware that he now tumbled and tried hard to keep balance. She even realized for a single moment that she must have touched the white woman but she only had mind and eyes for Kai.

She reached the altar in no time due to the quickness of her Cluster Lizard part. And then she bowed over his body. He looked like he was sleeping. No sadness on his face, no pain, but also no sign of life. Tears ran down her eyes and she could not suppress kissing him long and passionate.

Stanley and the white woman were up to the altar now and even Stanley felt a tear coming up his eye and he dried it with the back of his sleeve as fast as he could. He did not want anybody see him crying. It was a man lying there, what would the white woman think of him, seeing a guy cry for another one.

“He was close to you.” White Woman answered as if she could read what was up Stanley’s mind. Irritated he looked towards her but he could not see her face under that hood.

Meanwhile Zev stared at Kai's face and hoped to see a spark of life within but nothing happened. He just lay there and nothing more. Like in cryostatis. But he did not feel cold she noticed. He even had a 'warm' touch. And there was something else.

She realized this unknown warmth while touching his cheek, following the shape of his mark and her other hand was resting on his chest. A bit scared she looked the way down where his chest was and her hand started stroking over it. It was not there! She expected to touch the section of his protoblood supply and the tiny slots on his right side but she could not feel them underneath.

Zev looked up to Stanley and saw him fighting with tears.

“This is not Kai!” she suddenly said.

Stan daunted up and looked a bit confused first to Zev then to White Woman.

Zev once again tried to find the obvious parts of the cruelties the bio-viziers did to the real Kai. The parts weren't on his chest. She once again looked up to Stan who was about to step away from White Woman towards the altar and Zev. She sighed and finally decided to get to deeper parts of the body in front of her. She grabbed between his legs and felt … felt what  had to be there but not was there for Kai. She made a step backward obviously shocked a bit. She swallowed loudly and realized Stan getting closer to her.

“What is it, Zev?” Stanley asked with a more and more frightened tone in his voice.

“I … I don't understand...” she finally ended up in inspecting Kai's right arm. And she found what she was looking for. His brace was there. But what happened to the other parts. Could this really be Kai?

“It is the body of the one called Kai.” White Woman broke the silence.

“That cannot be!” Zev answered but her voice did not sound convincing.

“What is the problem?” Stanley tried to get an answer.

Zev looked at him. She suddenly opened Kai's clothes or at least the part were the protoblood supply should have been and presented it to Stanley.

“There!” she said and her voice was trembling. “And here!” she revealed the right side and no input slots were there.

“And not to mention what is between his legs!” she continued.

“I know what is between his legs, Zev!” Stanley interrupted but was still staring unbelievingly on Kai's chest. No sign of the biomechanical parts. No protoblood supply. No slots.

“You don't!” Zev made him clear. Stan raised and eyebrow.

“Zev, what are you talking ...” he grabbed between Kai's legs and suddenly flinched backward as if he had got an electric shock. He stared unbelievingly first at his hand and then at Kai's lower parts.

“What the hell..?!” Stanley shouted out “He was not supposed to have that!” he declared.

Zev rolled her eyes.

“That's exactly what I wanted to tell you, Stan!” she said a bit angry. “This cannot be our Kai! The only thing that still is the same, is his brace!” she pointed towards Kai's right arm.

Stanley walked around the altar and examined the brace. Yes, this truly was Kai's weapon. But what happened to the other parts? This body looked a lot like Kai. Almost in every detail. But only Almost.

“May we explain?” White Woman said after a while watching the both examine the body. Zev and Stan looked up waiting for an answer.

“This is the body of the one you call Kai. Almost.”

“Yeah, right! I knew this was to good to be true!” Stan said with upcoming disgust.

“We repaired, what we could repair.” White Woman continued.

“Repair?” Zev started to listen attentively.

“Repair, yes. This body is still not in the condition it should be.”

“Kai's body was de-carbonized by the bio-viziers of His Divine Shadow. They filled it with a liquid called protoblood what kept the body somehow alive.” Zev said.

“That would explain a lot.” White Woman answered.

“Will explain what? Answer us!” Zev got angry for she felt she had to demand for any tiny piece of information.

“That de-carbonisation is what we could not repair. Yet.”

“Yet?” Stan tried to follow.

“It would be easier for you if you would follow us to the Making-Rooms so we could show you.”

“Listen, Lady! We ain't going nowhere until you come up with all the truth!” Stanley shouted

“Yes! Tell us the truth! How can this body be the body of Kai? What do you mean by 'you could not repair the de-carbonisation'?” Zev added.

“We will try our best to explain.” White Woman started again. “Where this body came from, we are not sure about. Normally Alpha gives birth to the vanished bodies to their predetermined destinations. But months ago, after strange happenings, this body showed up on this altar. Alpha told us he felt a presence he never felt before. That means that a spirit was around that had not found it's way here before.”

“Which means?” Zev asked.

“That means that the body of this spirit never died before, never vanished before and that this spirit did never come here awaiting his reunion. All human spirits come her. All but those of the Brunnen-G. By now. He is the first spirit of them that found his way here. But something keeps him away from reunion with his body.”

“I guess I know what keeps a spirit away from entering a tortured body of a Divine Assassin.” Stanley more said to himself than spoken it out loudly.

“We examined this body and recognized this strange condition he is in.”

“The de-carbonisation.” Zev said.

“So you call it. We examined this body very precisely for Alpha wanted to know what the appearance of this body means. We could not quite satisfy Alpha and tried to look for cells that might contain genetic informations about this body. And we finally found some.”

Zev and Stan looked at each other. They never knew that there was a possibility of finding living cells in Kai's body.

“'Living' is not the correct term for this cells but they were good enough for getting the genetic information Alpha was longing for. Under that metal coverage between his legs some parts of the sex organs were remaining and there we found a few cells. We gave them into our Genetikum to Alpha and he soon found out that this body belonged to Kai, last of the Brunnen-G.”

“Wait, wait...” Stan interfered. “What is a Genetikum?

“It is some kind of living machine that is directly connected to Alpha. We do not know how it works exactly but it is the machine made us.”

“It made you?”

“It made us. In fact Alpha made us. He is a bringer of life and he started after a long time, being the only thing in universe, to create a planet. A small one. Non-populated. Then another and a third one. The three moons of this place here. And Alpha felt comfortable being surrounded by something. He had seen a lot of stars in this universe but none was close enough to examine it for Alpha is strictly bound to this place. He says it is a point where all universes do cross and he was there since the birth of the universes. He was there giving live to all of mankind, ever and ever again. But no one ever knew he was there and he started to be a life-giver to planets.”

“Sounds very weird to me, Zev!” Stan whispered to her.

“Alpha chose the three moons here to be the first ones he created out of the memories the humans left when they ended their lives, entered into him and were waiting for their reincarnations. Alpha can read in all the memories of all the lives that came to him. But for he never created a planet these moons just were some sort of experiments before he finally succeeded creating a life-bearing planet.”

White Woman rose on of her arms and pointed toward the big planet they had seen before, that was a bit similar to Earth.

“He named it Arcadia.” she continued. “But he still was alone out here and he started to built the Genetikum to produce us.”

“Produce you?” Zev asked.

“He did not want to be alone any longer and no humans had populated Arcadia. It seemed that the spirits did not know how to get there since it was no creation of the universal energy that gives life to everything but an invention of Alpha. But he still was not able to make real spirited bodies. It was something he was not supposed to do. Every time he tried to built a body and send a spirit to it that body ended up in terrible torture for the key – what you call soul – never matched to the spirits. They already had matching bodies and never would stay in another body. He soon send body, soul and spirit from his inner sanctuary to his machine instead to their destined places, and gave them birth.”

“Destined places?”

“Alpha knows where to send body, soul and spirit when it is their time. It is something he describes as a kind of universal plan, he needs to follow. He did never broke with than plan until those days he gave rebirth to spirits on the Genetikum. The consequences must have been horrifying. All of the humans born to this place went insane, killed themselves for something within their spirits knew was totally wrong. It seems that every spirit has some kind of destiny or own will. They seem to know where they belong to and for they do it was an unbearable state of living. They were incapable of living more than seven days. Most went insane, killed themselves, others ended up as their minds seemed to be lost in space. None of them noticed Alpha thus he tried to communicate. No spirit ever could hear him. When he realized it he was sad and never tried again to lead spirits away from their destined path.  He thought he would be alone for all times. But one day  he thought of something different. He created a body with a soul that had never been there before. He searched trough all the lives that were within and combined genetic informations of those who never reproduced themselves. For this no bodies like this ever had been born. That is how he gave somewhat like birth to us. We are body and soul but since we never have been given life by the universal energy we never had a spirit. We became the Guiding Ones that were born of the memories and ideas of Alpha. He no longer was alone. We helped him built this buildings after his will and also we created the places down on Arcadia.”

“Do you mean, this Alpha is something like god?”

“We do not know about a thing you call god. Alpha is Alpha. He was there right from the beginning of all times and he will be there till all ends.”

“This pretty much describes the action of a god, giving live and rebirth to spirits.” Stan admitted. Zev nodded. But she didn't get the point what all this had got to do with Kai.

“But what is it with Kai? Why does his spirit not find his body?” she finally asked.

“We do not know yet. He is the first of the Brunnen-G that came here so we have no experience in guiding his spirit.”

“None of them came here? But you said all of mankind come here waiting for their rebirth.”

“Yes. All but the Brunnen-G. Their spirits never came here. We know through all the other lives of their existence. We know what circumstances made this whole race to vanish. They left their home-world and spread out to the universe. Some entered the Light Zone and gave birth to the ones that carried their legacy on Brunnis 2. We saw through Alpha when Brunnis 2 was destroyed and hoped to welcome those people at least now for none of their ancestors came here but again their spirits failed to come here. We could not guide them to their new lives. We could not give them rebirth. All we know from the Brunnen-G is out of the memories of other spirits that met them. Alpha felt a deep sadness for he thought Arcadia would have been the right place for the Ancient Brunnen-G to lead another life. It was his only wish ever since he first got aware of their existence. Most places of Arcadia were built out of memories other spirits had carried when they met the Ancient Ones.”

Zev got sad and looked down to Kai's body. He could be the first one of the Brunnen-G given back a life. His spirit was out here when White Woman was right.

“I would not like to return to this body if I was him.” Stanley said after while watching Zev stroking Kai's cheek and face carefully and with so much of desire.

“How can you say that, Stan?” she said angrily.

“Well, see, his body was tortured so badly by the bio-viziers, his life was short and when given back his spirit it just had to end again in pain and agony. If this would have been my last memories connected to my body I would not want to be reunited with it.” Stan supposed.

“But White Woman says that most spirits do not remember their former lives.” Zev stated.

“Yeah and she also said some do remember.”

“So some do.” White Woman confirmed. “That was why we tried to repair this body as good as we could. Since this body can not be destroyed properly, it cannot be reborn. Since he is a Brunnen-G we are not sure if he will be reborn even 'if' the body is destroyed. Alpha decided to let us repair this body for the soul within would at least get a bit of salvation due to the tortures it went trough. Body and soul always long for their spirit that is how a rebirth can be made possible. It is something like an unwritten universal law that it has to be this way.” White Woman stopped for a short while looking outside the window to the entity called Alpha. Then she continued.

“We grew all the missing parts of his body via the Genetikum and replaced those biomechanical ones we could. But we could not re-carbonize his body. And we could not produce the liquid you call protoblood. It is nothing human.”

“It is of an insect.” Stanley mentioned. Zev stroke over Kai's right arm and felt the brace.

“Why did you leave this to him?” She asked.

“For we know the Brunnen-G have been the most feared warriors throughout the universes, the most passionate fighters and most loving humans ever since, Alpha thought of not only correcting the body he also wanted to give perfection to it. The Brunnen-G never were without their individual weapon. They never gave it to another. They even took it to their graves and possibly to their afterlives like it was part of their soul. So as we know body and soul built a unity Alpha supposed this weapon to stay a part of this body and therefore the soul.”

“But without protoblood this body will not be functional.” Zev tossed in. “Perhaps this is the reason why his spirit cannot come back!” she said with raising excitement.

“There is still something left of that liquid. Otherwise the wounds inflicted by removing the biomechanical parts and implanting the missing ones would not have regenerated. This indeed is another perfection of body, Alpha never was thinking of. The body of true warrior.”

“So why can't his spirit find his way then?”

“We do not know. He hoped you could help. She thought you could help.”

“She?” Stanley sounded really interested by now.

“Blue star.”

“That blue star is a she?” he asked now definitely interested.

“She told us.”

“Oh lady go on!” Zev pushed White Woman to go on.

“She came here few days before his body came. She said she knows him and will guide him here. Alpha was very excited having a star around that would guide a Brunnen-G to him. He communicated to the little blue star and shortly after she started her journey. And few days later she demanded to be given entrance to the Genetikum. She was given permission and Alpha became aware she brought an almost destroyed body and soul with her. It took him a long time and he was well aware that his other try-outs bringing an existing body back to life to his Genetikum had ended up in a big disaster but if he did not try the Brunnen-G would leave forever. He had to try and he wanted Blue Star to help. And she assisted him. She seemed to have a concrete memory of the one you call Kai. We assisted both as good as we could and after two weeks Alpha called us to enter this room and there we found his body.”

Zev stared at White Woman unbelievably. That story sounded more than weird. And how could a star have a memory or even a consciousness?

“But you said, you repaired the body.” Stan said.

“We did just after we found it in this state. Blue Star was so much complaining about it and told us this might be the reason why his spirit did not want to be reunited with it. That is why we searched for the cells, finally grew the missing parts in the Genetikum and replaced them.”

“But he did not wake up, eh?” Stanley got to the point.

“Correct. His spirit did not reunite with his body and soul.”

“And?” Zev wanted her to go on

“And that was when Blue Star went again on a journey. When she returned she brought back that huge insect that sheltered you. She explained that maybe if she can't, you could give him a reason to come back.”

“Give him a reason?”

“Give him a reason. That is what Blue Star said. And she mentioned that there were to humans that had spent a whole eternity with him. Stanley Tweedle and Zev Bellringer from B3K.”

Stan and Zev looked at each other. He then looked outside and saw that wonderful Arcadia outside and the swirling blue energy of Alpha. He also noticed that this pulsing blue star had lowered itself that it could just look trough the top of the window.