The Insect Civilization-Prologue

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 3rd, 2011



“I am.” It thought.  “I exist.”

The energy had become self aware.  It floated in space, calm rational.  It reasoned.

“Am I alone?” it reached out searching and found another.  The other was chaotic, disorganized..alien.  It withdrew into itself.  Eventually it realized that it was alone. 

It thought about how to cure it’s aloneness and came up with the idea of…life.  It would create life in its own image; calm, rational and ordered.  Energy converted to matter and he felt this creature that he had become.  Proud of his achievement he searched for the other, the alien one.

He felt the alien one’s lack of interest in his form.  The alien one withdrew, it had its own concerns and was not interested in celebrating his achievement.  Still hungering for companionship, he began creating others like himself sending them out into the black void.




The Discovery


The new crop of hatchlings had just finished emerging.  The females were busy tending to the newly hatched which gave the younglings a bit more freedom.  This youngling had found a trail laid by an adult.  Its appendages carried it forward.  It emerged from the burrow into bright sunshine.   It continued to follow the trail, veering neither left nor right.  It would not veer, like all insects it was hard-wired to follow the established trail of those who had gone before it.

Soon however it stopped.  It sensed strange vibrations near. The creature that was causing the vibrations was incomprehensible.  It somehow balanced on two primary appendages, and odder still it only seemed to possess four appendages, two other appendages near the end of the highest portion of the body.  Its mandibles were turned sideways and it made sounds that could not be deciphered.  Soon several more of these creatures joined it.  The insect noted that one of the upper appendages of each of the arriving creatures seemed unnaturally long.  The newly arriving creatures soon surrounded the first one probing at it with their elongated upper appendages.  All of them began making more of the noises which reached a crescendo and then stopped.  As the insect watched the circle of creatures retreated back in the direction they had come from.  The original creature was laying on the ground no longer moving or making noise.

The youngling retreated following the trail back to the burrow.  Finding an adult male it chattered out the details of what it had witnessed.



Memory does not work the same for insects as it does for humans.  For an insect memory is nothing more than data, it evokes no emotional response.  The adult male nudged the carcass of the creature.  It did not move, it no longer was. 

As an adult male, its role in society was to protect, in order to protect it needed to understand.  The carcass exuded the foul odor of decay.  The male noticed that many of its smaller winged cousins circled and landed on it.  This only happened when something no longer was.  The small ones feasted on rot.

The creature was as strange as the youngling reported.  Only four appendages and they were oddly shaped.  The mandibles were soft flesh over hard inner mandibles. Inside the inner mandible was another fleshy appendage.  It was soft all over as if it had shed chitin but there was no developing second layer.  It was strange.  He could not understand it.  He scurried back to the burrow.  This creature was to be avoided at all costs, he shared his conclusion and memories with the others.  Not just those within his burrow but also with nearby burrows.  The message was passed from burrow to burrow.



The Alpha male stood watching the strange creatures.  He did not understand them but unlike others he realized that they would never understand these creatures if he did not collect data.  He had learned much over the many mating cycles since he first saw the creatures as a youngling. 

The alpha male marveled at these strange ones.  They seemed to have no mating cycle.  They ranged in development from hatchlings newly born to those who were close to no longer being.  They also seemed to spend a lot of time making sure that many of their number crossed into no longer being.  It made no sense to the Alpha.  But the Alpha did know one thing, there were more of them now.



                Togg moved quietly through the forest careful to stay upwind of his prey.  The Clan would eat well this night.  Togg was a blooded hunter, around his neck hung a leather thong bearing many trophies in testament to his skill.  Togg did not come home empty handed as this wood deer would soon discover.

                Togg slowly hefted his spear taking aim at his quarry.  The deer continued to drink as Togg threw his spear piercing the deer’s neck.  Togg quickly ran to it drawing his dagger to cut the animal’s throat to let the blood drain from the meat.   He noticed the unbelievable amount of deer tracks in the soft earth along the stream, game was plentiful here.  He picked up his kill and headed back to where the clan was camped.


                “The land is rich and game is plentiful.  We would not need to constantly move to follow the herd.  We could stay there.  It would spare our old ones from the need to travel when they become weak. it would also mean that we could protect ourselves from other Brunn clans, it would be our territory.” Togg told the Clan Leader. 

                “Then we will go there Togg, to this ‘Deer’s Plain.”

                So the humans settled in the plain near the small creek.  The campsite soon grew into a village.  Countless generations were born and died.  Eventually Togg’s line began dying out until only one remained, a young man by the name of Bann, born in the village now called Duha’naur.  Bann would sire a son named Kai.  Kai would be the spark that ignited a war between insects and humans that would cross universes and last for eons.


We know the human side of the story, this is the insect side.