Encyclopedia Brunnis-Nerve Fever

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 10th, 2011

Nerve Fever- A fatal viral infection specific to Brunnis 2. The virus destroyed the victim's nervous system eventually causing agonizing pain and death.  The Brunnen G who settled Brunnis 2 used the immortality shot to boost their immune systems to protect against disease.  Because of the strength of the Immortality shot, Brunnen G born on Brunnis 2 had  no natural immune system.  All children were given a shot at birth to replace their immune systems, but it would lose it's effectiveness when the child was somewhere around 45 years old.  This is why the Immortality shot was given at 40 years old.

The virus was extremely opportunistic and all Brunnen G knew the importance of receiving the immortality shot.  For this reason Death by Aging was the standard sentence for the worst crimes.  Death by aging would be imposed either by withholding the Immortality shot or by administering a counter-agent to the shot.  Because the Brunnen G did not suffer illness, medical treatment for sickness was non-existent.  The infected would suffer the progression of the disease without any treatment to relieve their pain.  

This was what the Fourth Kai would have faced if Brunnis Two had not been destroyed.