Another Dawn Chapter 14

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 12th, 2011

“Oh! That's good!” Zev was eating with growling sounds a fruit Kai named pineapple. But she eat everything of it not only the sweet fleshy parts.

Stanley sometime looked a bit disgusting when fruit parts were spilled over the table for Zev could no longer stand her hunger.

“Looks like that...” he said eating some grapes.

“Don't ….” Zev swallowed “...don't we have some meat? I'd like to have some.” she growled.

“We could probably go for hunting tomorrow, if we are allowed to.” Kai said looking to Ceannaire.

“This will be your planet, Kai, a new home for you and your ancestors. If you want to hunt you just can do it.”

Kai lifted an eyebrow. “I do not think I have the right to own a planet.”

“It is no right. It is a gift. A gift from Alpha. A gift to you an all the others that will hopefully follow you. It it its only purpose.” she explained.

“Hey man, first dead, now alive and just owner of a planet!” Stan teased Kai. “Now I don't want to hear any jokes about me, Stanley Tweedle, Security Guard Class Four and owner of the Lexx and now Little Lexx!” he smiled and all of them had to laugh. Even Kai smiled and had a short laugh.

“By the way, what is this?” Zev pointed to the weird looking jars and plates while grabbing another fruit.

“These are jars and these are plates.” Stanley answered. “I made them while you where upstairs, sleeping, or whatever...”

“You made them?” she asked unbelievingly.

“Yes.” he said proudly.

“I should have realized it just out of their odd form, Im' sorry!” she grinned and bit a piece out of s fruit called apple.

Stanley got upset “Why don't you try, Zev. I am sure you will do it as good as you made our food in Prime Ridge!” he crossed his arms in front of him and Ceannaire watched both of them very carefully.

“Do not tease him this way, Zev. The dishes is useful and that is all it has to be.” Kai said after a few moments after watching both grimacing each other. She hanged her head in shame immediately and felt sorry. But the dishes really looked strange.

“Well, I do apologize, Stan. Kai is right. It is useful... and it somehow fits to us the way it looks.”

Stanley smiled again and felt a lot better for he had done something useful.

“You can try yourself, it is quite a fun in fact. And there is a smith for making tools. Some machinery is there also, maybe for bending and finer mechanics. But they do not work. I had no time to examine but maybe I can make some of them working again.”

“You can?” Ceannaire asked him.

“Probably, yes.” Stan wailed in the fresh gained attention “I can do some mechanical jobs. I once prepared a refrigerator for Kai to make it cooler.”

“He did.” Kai confirmed. “I would like to take a closer look to the machines as well.”

“You're welcome. I can show you, Ceannaire made a short but informative walk with me and I even saw the building where they stored the food in it. Mostly fruits and vegetables but also some grains. In this building there are big cooling chambers to keep them fresh. Behind this square there is a path to though the woods with more field on both sides and a little river, running from the lake into the woods. She said the path leads to the Memory Building.” Stanley explained. “But I don't wish to return to this place...”

Kai nodded and even Zev had the same opinion.

“We are sorry that you have those bad memories with this building. It really was a place of great knowledge, books and plans of history, technology, love and war. But they are lost to us. Maybe some do exist out in space but we cannot travel to find some. We cannot leave this place.”

“Well, maybe we could. We've got the Lexx. If you have any clues where to look I think we can make a journey.” Stan offered.

“Yes, that would be very kind of you. But we have no clues yet. Maybe we will get some hints out of some memories. We will talk to Alpha about this.” Ceannaire said with excitement in her voice. “By the way. Kai, would you kindly give us a description and name of the bio-vizier that made you? It would help Alpha to search for him and read in his memories. We need to find out either how your protoblood is produced or how we can re-carbonize your body.”

Kai nodded his head but he looked like he felt uncomfortable with it.

“The name was Brizon, Grand Bio-Vizier of the Divine Order. And he had a student called Mantrid. He, too, was involved in making Divine Assassins.” he stopped for a few seconds and his eyes looked lost for a single moment. “But Brizon was the one who made me a Divine Assassin.”

Kai came up with a more detailed description of Brizon and even told the story when they met him in the Light Zone after the destruction of the Gigashadow. He told her that he had a twisted mind as well and that they should be very careful for this man had been a trickster and a genius. Reading his memories seemed to be harmless but after all they had seen and learned, bio-viziers like Brizon and Mantrid were dangerous monsters. Maybe they are still after their deaths. Zev and Stan did confirm and Stanley added the story of reborn Mantrid in K-Town. Kai listened closely for he had no clear memories of that day but seemed a bit concerned about Mantrid remembering who he was and what he did.

Ceannaire listened very closely to their explanations and promised she would be careful and tell Alpha everything and she would made him aware of their evil minds. She also said that she would inform them immediately when she heard something from Alpha. She would leave then this night and go to the Memory Building for there was a room where they could contact Alpha. She would not return this night for they had to face and solve the problem as soon as possible. But she assured that they would be safe here and that she had shown Stanley all the buildings here on that square so they could get familiar with them and their interior.

“I will give you a communicator from the Lexx.” Stan said when she was about to leave. “We will go over to it and I'll get you one and we'll keep another here with us so you can contact us as soon as you've got news for us.” Stanley walked to the door.

“This sounds very good, Stanley.” Ceannaire admitted.

“I think in about two days the moth-breeders will have finished the first two moths. From that on it will be easier for all of us to travel and explore Arcadia.” Kai added.

“We will be looking forward to that. We have never seen a working Brunnen-G technology yet.”

“Well, it is no Brunnen-G technology, at least not in its origin.” Kai said. “As far as I know out of the memories from the Divine Shadow that killed me, he found my insect-like war-vessel very interesting for he was a survivor of the Insect Civilisation. He made his own studies out of the material from my vessel and grew the Lexx and other hybrid organic-mechanic things. The moths we use to travel in are his creation, not Brunnen-G.”

“But he had the thought coming up after he saw your vessel. We think we can still call it Brunnen-G technology.” she seemed to smile, at least her voice did sound like this. “The Brunnen-G had a lot of technology concerning biomechanical things. But they preferred to live mostly without and only used it in great danger or urgent need.”

“It is very interesting to hear so many things about my ancestors. My knowledge about them it very limited for my people had broken with the old knowledge and way of life hundreds of years ago. I could only learn out of some books and stories I sometimes heard. It was not allowed for Newborns like me to gain any wisdom about my ancestors. Even the older ones wanted their past to vanish.”

“A very strange behaviour, indeed.” Stanley said.

“You've met the Brunnen-G?” Ceannaire asked.

“Well, ehrm, no, we found a theatre travelling in space... we entered and found out that there were some Brunnen-G acting their stories of life again and again...”

“Kai joined them to tell his story...” Zev continued “...and so did I for I wanted to be a part of his story at least one time.”