The Sixth Cycle Chapter 3

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 10th, 2011

            “Oh go ahead and laugh” Third said to Second.  “The rest of us are.”

            The deadly Divine Assassin was about as menacing as a two year old as he feebly attempted to escape his mother’s inspection and attention.  Araine, like all mothers after a long separation from her child was inspecting Fourth in detail and occasionally uttering “Oh my poor baby.” To which Fourth would respond with a pained “Mother, please.”

            “I never thought the day would come when I would see him reduced to a helpless pile of goo.” First remarked.

            “It’s a strange power that every mother seems to possess.  You should have seen how easily my daughters became flustered.”  Fifth said with a smile.

            “I have to admit seeing him blush is funny.  I didn’t think it was possible.” Second said.  “But I’ll just keep my laughter to myself, I am committed to only losing my head once a day.”

            Fourth finally managed to disentangle himself from his mother’s embrace. “Mother how is it that you are here?”

            “Duke sent me to bring you a message from your father.” All the Kais became serious as Fourth began to scowl.  “He regrets his actions and seeks to atone after all these millennia by warning you about someone named Prince.”

            Fourth’s scowl was now mirrored on the faces of the other Kais.

            “Prince is not dead.  He lives and he carries a grudge against the Brunnen G, in particular you my son.” She said.  “Your father overheard a conversation between Prince and someone named Priest.  He defied Duke to send you this warning.”

            “So I guess elementals don’t die after all.” Second said.

            “This Prince helped Priest escape Duke.  There is no telling where they are or what they are doing but it bodes ill for all of you.” Araine added.

            Third walked over to where Fourth stood with his mother.  “You can fill the rest of them in on the details.  I need to speak to your son, alone.”

            Fourth gave his mother a smile and said “I will be right back.”



            Dario and Loanna were stymied.  There was no one that could tell them about Prince.  The man had just suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the inn.  There were no records of this Prince anywhere. 

            “How can someone suddenly appear?” Loanna said.  “There is no information about him anywhere.”

            “He has to be an outsider, from one of the non-unified worlds.” Dario concluded.  “Which raises the question of how he breached our borders.”

            “Well he did not arrive on any transport.  I have searched those records.” Loanna said.

            Dorn entered the office which he had turned over to the Kais for their investigation.

            “There is a message for you.” He said “The second option on the communications menu will allow you to receive it privately at this terminal.”

            Loanna waited until Dorn had closed the door before accepting the message.

            “Kai-Loanna, Kai-Dario, may the darkness lead you even as you walk in the light.”

            “Brak, we remain the light that penetrates the darkness.” Loanna responded.

            “Have you wrapped up your investigation?  You are needed elsewhere.”

            “We have done all we can here.  We have arrived at a dead end.” Dario responded.

            “Then make your way to Terlara, to the temple at Terla City.  Several priests have been killed.  The Grand High Priest will speak with you.  He said that he knows who is responsible for the deaths.”  The connection ended.

            “So we go on the hunt.” Dario said.

            “I will make our excuses to the Magistrate.” Loanna said.

            “Meet me at the transport station, I will make the arrangements.” Dario said.



            “Duke sent her here for two reasons.” Third said.  “The warning was the first reason.  The second was because of you.”

            “What do you mean because of me?” Fourth asked.

            “He says that she has paid for her sins, it’s time to release her.  But he cannot release her unless you forgive her.  If you forgive her you lose her.  She will be born into a new life with a new people.  She will no longer be Brunnen G.  She will not be able to join us in the Dream Zone.

            Right now I find myself hoping that some of Second’s selfishness has rubbed off on you and that you will selfishly not forgive her.  I have never made a secret of the fact that I don’t hold a high opinion of those who died on Brunnis Two.  I would love to see her stuck for eternity remembering every detail of her 705 years of cowardice, but it’s not up to me.”

            “What do you mean ‘remembering every detail of her 705 years of cowardice’?” Fourth asked.

            “She would remember every detail of her life, all her misdeeds and be reminded of it.  But her fate is not in my hands, it is in yours.” Third said.

            “I remember my trial, Third.  I remember my mother’s reaction when the court passed sentence.  I remember her tears and her grief.  I remember her slapping my father’s face so hard the imprint of her hand remained on his cheek as a bruise for days afterward.  I will never forget that.

            I will forgive her.  She has suffered enough.” Fourth said quietly as Third turned and stomped off in the other direction.  Fourth opened the door.

            First, Second and Fifth were doubled over with laughter.  Even 790 was chuckling.

            “Your mother has been telling us stories about you as a child.” First explained.

            “I cannot believe you were that much of a handful.” Second said.  “You actually were a rambunctious child!”

            “And a rebellious teen!” Fifth said with a laugh. “Really Fourth, skinny dipping in the sacred pool?”

            “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” He said weakly.  “At least until the High Priestess came out and caught me.

            “That was my son, happy and carefree even if he was a bit of a handful.” Araine said.  “If I had known what would happen…”

            “Do not Mother, I understand why you welcomed the arrival of the Divine Order.” He said taking her in his arms.  “It was a way to spare me from what was to come.  What happened was meant to happen.  I had a purpose, a destiny.  Things had to play out the way they did for me to fill that destiny.

I know that you think you have failed me.  You have not.”

“But you have suffered so much.” She said.

“I am no longer the carefree boy you raised, but I am still your son.  And I love you as I always have and always will.  I want to know that you are happy.  I forgive you.”



Priest was still unsuccessfully searching for a way into the Dream Zone.  He was looking so hard for the entrance that he almost missed the man who had come out.  If this man could come out, there was a way in.  Now he just had to tell Prince.