Thanks to all who have partnered with us to help the community

From: Rose , Posted Date: Apr 24th, 2011

I would like to thank all the agencies and churches that have partnered with us to help the community, you may see them listed on our website under the partner link.
They have been a great help in providing food since our pantry went empty, and making sure our clients got the food they needed. Christ The King Catholic church graciously gave us food from their pantry to get us through the first week in May. Just as Karla and Bill at Interfaith in both Reddick and Ocala locations have also provided food for our clients. Also, Rosa at Living Waters Worship Center has partnered with us and provided bread and other food donations. We need a freezer and Pastor John Childress is trying to get us one.

I feel that if we all work together non family needs to go hungry. At the Interfaith meeting at Ocala Police Department this month Karla expressed the same view. If you want to help call us or Interfaith with your food donations. There are many families trying to make ends meet especially because of job loss and high gas prices. 

Happy Easter! Thank You for your help everyone.