The Sixth Cycle Chapter 9

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 22nd, 2011

“So you were on Brunnis 2 when it was destroyed?” First Kai asked.  “You were an original so you would not have been sent to Duke or Prince for punishment, and you were welcomed in the Dream Zone.

You say Adana feels Third’s pain.  This could very well be true.  My own mother walked in my dreams from the Dream Zone once because she felt my pain.”

“Mother has always shared a special bond with him, even before his birth, he spoke to her in dreams.”

“Since Third is not here, how about I give you a tour of our little corner of the Other Zone while we wait?” Second offered.





Dario looked around the small room and then heard a thud as the Book of Kai fell from the small table to the floor.  He reached down to pick it up and noticed the page.  It was from the chapter called Fire:

“Prince was a problem.  I mean, you never knew if someone was actually them or Prince.  He came back as Kai and then as Xev and managed to fool us all.  You always had to be on your guard when he died, because he would come back.”



“So young Kai, I don’t think your offer of a tour came from the goodness of your heart.  You wanted to speak to me for some reason?” Irina asked.

Second burst into laughter.  “You do know that you are descended from me right?  I won’t even try to figure out how many ‘greats’ should precede the grandfather part.  You are the young one.  But you are right, I do want to speak to you about your brother.

If there is one thing that I have noticed over the many eons of my existence, it’s that those of the Kai bloodline always seem to have a reason for what they do, even if the reason is not their own.  Those of us who carry the name Kai may be the chosen ones, but our family members also have been touched by destiny.

Your mother is a good example.  Her birth was planned from the moment my mate Aranna conceived.  Her destiny was to pave the way for Fourth.  What she left behind as prophecy laid the ground work for the last war and the final defeat of the insects.  Now here you are when you should be enjoying your parents and children in the Dream Zone.  You admitted that you stay in the Other Zone only briefly visiting your family in the Dream Zone. To keep tabs on Fourth; but I don’t think concern for Fourth is the main reason you choose to spend the majority of your time in the Other Zone.  That is destiny’s excuse for keeping you here,  you are here for your brother.”

“I’m not sure that I follow your logic.” Irina replied.

“Third hates everyone that died on Brunnis 2.  He has a very low opinion of them, the only ones he considers of worth were the Newborns who died facing the Foreshadow.  He was pretty pissed that Fourth forgave his mother allowing her to be released to a new life free of suffering.”

“I cannot say that I don’t share his ‘contempt’ to a point.  My opinion of those who lived on the upper levels was very low also.”

“You may share his contempt, but you are willing to forgive.  You forgave Araine. 

He holds on to his anger like a lifeline.  He has to let it go before it destroys him.  I think you can help him to do so.” Second said.

“I will talk to him.”



“Dario!  I just spoke to Brak.” Loanna was visibly upset.

“What is wrong?  You are crying.” Dario asked with alarm.

“Kai-Kendai, he is dead, murdered.”

“What? How? No Kai has ever been murdered! No one would dare!”

“Someone has, Dario.  Kendai was murdered on Alteri I.” She said.  “But he is not the only one, Kai-Joomba is also dead.  His body was discovered only hours ago, murdered on Boreal.  Someone is killing Kais.  Brak has ordered that we all embrace the darkness until further notice.  We are ordered to terminate all perceived threats.”



The Kai’s and 790 were gathered in the meeting room.  This time Second was missing.

“He will return in a minute.” First said, not in the least bit concerned.  Second was normally the first to arrive for any meeting.

The door finally opened to admit Second and an old woman who looked to be comparable in age to Fifth.

“Well this is a switch.” Fifth said.  “Second is the one dragging some strange woman into our meeting.”

Third and Fourth were both looking at the old woman in shock.  Fourth got up and inspected her closely, checking for a small crystal flask. 

When he did not see one he spoke, “It is you.  What are you doing here old one?”

“Are you sure it’s her?” Third asked Fourth.

“Yes, Prince would have come back as her based on what he knew of the Brunnen G of my time.  Xev told him of the significance of the tattoo I carry.  He would have created the tattoo on her cheek.  The Crone of the lower levels did not have the tattoo.” Fourth explained.

Third got up walked over to the woman and wrapped her in a hug.

“Mother sent me.  She feels that you need comforting.” Irina said.  “And you Kai.  I never had a chance to tell you how proud I am of you.” She said turning to face Fourth.

“You told me I reminded you of your brother.” Fourth said understanding the words she spoke to him that day thousands of years in the past.

“Yes I knew who you were the first time we met.  You were identical to my brother at that age, just as he was identical the Kai the Younger at a comparable age.”

“So that means that you are my ancestress.”

“Your Great-grandmother six times over.”

“How many more Kai family reunions can we expect?  At least Lynna and Aranna won’t be popping up from the woodwork.” Fifth said.

“Irina, you have your Kai descendant and I have mine.  Fifth Kai, She is descended from Dava.” Third said.

“I hate to interrupt.” 790 said but we do have something of importance to discuss.

“790, you don’t hate to interrupt at all.  Business just gives you a reason.” Second said.  “So we’ll take care of business and then Third can talk to his sister after we are done.”

“I noticed a lovely beach on our tour, I will wait there.” Irina said.



“I know that you are under a different discipline of the temple, but I strongly feel that you need to remain here.” Brother Stan told Loanna.  “Remember in the end; all of the incarnations belong to all of us, including your Dark One.”

“We were ordered to return to Corleone.” Loanna reminded the priest.

“I know.  That is why I sent a message to the head of the temple there.  There is something that you do not know.  I only learned of it myself last night.

Your Dark One returned to us recently.  He was seen on Brunnia.  One of the Guards of the vault reported that the Fourth Incarnation appeared to him and then entered the vault.”

“The Dark One was here on Terlara? When?” Dario asked.

“A little over a month ago.  He said he had business inside the vault.  I think that you must visit the vault.  I have made arrangements for Brother Timor to take you and pass along my authorization for you to enter.” Brother Stan replied.



“Okay 790, what is so important?” First asked.

“There have been two more murders.” 790 replied.

“From what you have told us 790, this is to be expected.” Third said confused.

“Dead and dreamy, what would be the odds of a citizen of the League of 20000 seeking you out to ‘kill’ you?” 790 asked Fourth.

“They would not.  They would make every effort to escape or hide from me, I am a Divine Assassin, already dead.  A heretic might attack to delay me while others escaped but with full knowledge that they could not win and would die at my hands.  It would be an act of ‘desperation’.”  Fourth replied.

“Exactly, which makes these latest two murders highly unusual, both victims were Kais.”

“Wait, Kais as in their interplanetary executioners?” Third asked.

“Yes.  The Unified Worlds regard them with the same level of fear induced respect that citizens of the Divine Order regarded Divine Assassins.” 790 responded.

“Where are our Kais?” Fifth asked.

“Still on Terlara, on their way to Brunnia.  Corpse of my dreams visit to the vault was reported.”

“You do know that they are us, right 790?” Second asked.

“Of course two more Kais for me!” 790 said.

“Well then 790, I think that they should find something of worth in the vault.” First said.

“And get the chance to chat with their Dark One.” Second added.  “Dario is headstrong and impatient, someone needs to scare some sense into him.”

“And here I thought my days of doing the dirty work were over.” Fourth sighed.

“You have to admit when it comes to being scary and menacing, you have the most experience.” Third pointed out.

“Besides you are their ‘personal Kai’ they most closely identify with Corleone’s version of Kai worship which is still rather heavy on Divine Assassin.”  790 added.