The Sixth Cycle Chapter 5

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 24th, 2011

Duke approached his group of aware Brunnen G, he noticed that the group had doubled in size.  Evidently more Brunnen G were remembering who they had been.  He would need a larger containment zone soon.  He spotted Denai and made his way over to him.

“Kai has been warned.  He knows that Prince is running free in the universe again.” Duke said.

“Where is Araine?” Denai demanded.

“She has been released to a new first life.  Kai granted her forgiveness, he did not want his mother to suffer any longer.  She is no longer Brunnen G.” Duke said.  “However from what she told me, I do not think forgiveness is forthcoming for you.”

“I deserve no such forgiveness and accept that.  I condemned my son to death.  But what of the others?” Denai asked indicating the gathered group of Brunnen G.

“You will remain here until I figure out what to do with you.”



Second found Fourth on the beach.  He was just standing watching the waves crash on the rocks.

“I came here because I wished to be alone.” Fourth said.

“I came here because you do not need to be alone, no matter how much you wish it.” Second replied.   “You did the right thing in forgiving her.  Forever is a long time to live with anger.  Believe me I know.”

Fourth gave second a glance out of the corner of his eye.  “I do not feel anger.”

“Maybe not, but he does.  Third still holds to the anger he felt watching the destruction of Brunnis Two.  He died for that world.  And for the most part, they let him down.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Fourth asked.

“Because there was a time when I felt exactly like he does.  I watched the original Brunnis first sidestep and then blatantly bend the laws She had given to them.

That second sun you did not recognize, it was her punishment.  She killed our home world.  I questioned what I had done.  Why did I sacrifice myself for them? 

Eventually I understood why.  He was the reason.  He gave what I did meaning.  But I was not quite as blinded by anger and hate as he is.  He doesn’t yet realize that you give his sacrifice meaning.”

“So what do you want me to do, tell him this?” Fourth queried.

“No, he has to come to that realization all on his own.  What I want you to do is realize the slope that you stand on.  The anger doesn’t consume you, but it’s there.  I saw it when your mother mentioned her mate.  I want you to avoid falling into that trap in the first place.

Forgive your father.  Forgive the court.  Forgive all those who stood back and let it happen just as you have forgiven your mother.  You yourself said that things had to play out that way for you to fill your destiny.”

“I will think about what you have said.” Fourth said.

“Do more than think about it Fourth Kai.  You also justify my sacrifice.” Second said before walking off down the beach.



“He has a point Third.  The Brunnen G were ruined long before The Exodus.  He hated them for a while too until you came along.   You were a warrior through and through.  You understood your duty and embraced it.  That is when I noticed the anger dying in him.”  First said.

When the time came to welcome you to the Other Zone he was proud as of you as if you had come from his own mate’s womb.  He knew that what he did that day allowed you to be.  You were the only Brunnen G of any importance to him except maybe your mother.”

“Third, the Lost Bloodlines are in Purgatory.  What does your anger with them accomplish?” Fifth asked.  “They are toiling under Duke’s whip, does your anger affect their state?  The only one who is affected by your anger is you.  And now Fourth.”

“The boy keeps his emotions closely guarded, but for the first time in all the centuries he has been here, today you angered him.  Is hating the Brunnen G really worth angering him?” First asked.  “The two of you share a special bond created during his purging.  Is it worth destroying that bond?”

“We may squabble among ourselves but we don’t get angry with each other.  As annoying as Second can be we don’t really feel anger towards him.  We stick together.  With Prince on the loose now when we all thought he was dead, we have even more reason to stick together.”  Fifth added.

“Don’t let it make you our weak link, Third.” First said.

“Besides the sight of my Kais mad at each other is intolerable.” 790 said startling them all because he had been so quiet.  “Prince is a master of deception and manipulation, he’s evil and he is obviously looking for a way to get revenge on you.  All of you.”



“Brother Stan, we have read the journals.” Dario stated.

“Good then you now know of Prince.” The priest said as they entered the garden. “Come along, do you know what these are?” He said gesturing around the large garden.

“Memorial markers.” Loanna answered.

“Very good.  This one is dedicated to Lynna, mate of the First Incarnation.  She was known as the ‘Mother of Warriors.’ It is the oldest marker in this garden.  It was brought here from Dagos during the last great evil. 

Did you read the section in Torq’s journal concerning the arrival of the markers from Dagos?”

“It was not relevant to our investigation.” Dario responded.

“No, then let me tell you the story.  When this marker was placed, a heartbroken old man knelt here and wept.  He wept for the mate who had started her journey to the afterlife 35 years before he did. Although that moment had happened eons earlier his grief was as overwhelming as it had been that long ago day.  He was the First Incarnation.”

Brother Stan walked over to a grouping of five markers.  “When the markers were discovered on Dagos by The One, she stood next to a young man who was paralyzed with shock, he had come face to face with his own memorial marker.  He was The Second Incarnation.”  He indicated two of the markers  “These two older markers came to us all the way from Brunnis, like Lynna’s.  These two were created right after the War, dedicated to The Third and Fourth Incarnations. 

On the night The One finally journeyed from this life into the Dream Zone, witnesses saw The Fourth Incarnation standing here, keeping watch over her as she drew her last breath.  This one was created after the death of The One.

It is well- documented that the Five Incarnations walked on Terlaran soil, together in the days before the War of Unification, when the One was a child.  They found a way to become a part of our world to help raise a child whose father had died before she was born.  If they could walk on our soil, what makes you so sure that Prince cannot?”

“If Prince is indeed the Prince spoken of in the books, how do we fight him?” Loanna asked.

“Ask him for guidance,” Stan said pointing at Fourth’s marker, “And then take heed of his answer.

This is the original Book of Kai, in it you will find passages that deal with this Prince.  The Fourth Incarnation and the Messengers knew him 1000 years before the war on a planet called Fire.  He died more than once in their presence and yet he was ever a thorn in their sides.”

“When he died, what happened to his body?” Loanna asked. 

“It was known to vanish.  Read his story now.” Brother Stanley said holding out the book.



“But my Prince I thought you wanted me to look for the entrance to the Dream Zone?” Priest said with confusion.

“That is why you serve me.  You are incapable of logical thought.  Why spend time hunting for the opening when you have found someone who can come and go as he pleases?” Prince replied.

“You are brilliant my Prince!” Priest said.

“Of course I am, it’s why I am Prince and you are simply an empty headed follower!  I want you to simply keep watch and see if anyone else comes out.”

“Yes my Prince and what of you? Where will I find you?” Priest asked.

“Don’t worry about that, I will find you.  Thanks to the information I got from our zone crossing  friend, I am off to poke at a raw wound with a sharp stick.  Cheery Bye.”



Third hated the beach.  His place of solitude was the snow capped mountains.  He stopped and sat against the trunk of a large ancient tree and looked out over the valley below him.  The others did not understand that it was the fact that the cowards had not valued his sacrifice, they did not understand that his death was not the sacrifice-it was his life.  His death was a release from a lifetime of denial and want.

Even though there was a taboo against him mating with Dava, it would only have applied if he had brought her to Brunnis.  He could have lived his life with her on Pordyah, helped to raise his son Tano.  He could have watched young Timor grow to manhood but he had sacrificed all of that so humanity and the Brunnen G could survive.  Others had given their lives, Lowen and the Twins Dex and Dak, Hir,Lowe.

The sacrifices they had made were for nothing.  But then again there was Fourth.  Fourth was a true Brunnen G in everyway.  Maybe they had a point, maybe Fourth did make his sacrifice worthwhile..