How Can Bible Study Help Kids Grow Up? By : Adam Barnett

From: Rose , Posted Date: Feb 20th, 2011

Bible study is probably the number one way to keep your kids on the right path, and keep them out of trouble. We can't watch our kids all day and night, and we can't keep bad influences from coming to them. But what we CAN do is make sure they know wrong from right. This will help them when they face problems and major decisions on their own.

Inspiring Confidence

One of the biggest difficulties children face is lack of confidence. How can they be sure what is the right or wrong thing to do? Our kids need constant reassurance and encouragement in order to grow into healthy adults.

Teaching our kids Bible verses is a great way to instill confidence in them. The Bible has a lot to say on the subject. We can teach our children not to shy away from trouble, but to face it head on, knowing that they will make the right decision.

Also, kids need self-esteem. It is good for them to be reminded as much as possible that God loves them, and that they should never question their self worth. Lack of self esteem can destroy kids, especially in their teenage years.

Peer Pressure

We all know the kind of trouble peer pressure can get our teens into. Peer pressure is really just another way of saying "temptation." What do our kids do when they are tempted by their friends at school?

The Bible is full of stories about people resisting temptation. It's a common theme. Always, some great reward is waved in front of a Bible character's face, and they refuse, knowing that the Lord's way is best.

If your kids understand the terrible odds people in the Bible faced, from terrible fiery furnaces to a night spent in the lions' den, they will be better able to just say no when the time comes. They can understand that sticking to God's word is never wrong, no matter what the "group" thinks.

Something to Hold onto

Society is always changing, and it sends mixed messages to young people. Fads come and go, but the Word of God has remained the same for thousands of years.

Mass media, in particular, gives kids lots of ideas that are not always appropriate. Among celebrities and other role models, who are they to look up to? The Bible provides a solid guideline about how to live our lives right in the eyes of God. This is increasingly important these days.

Bible stories always have an important message, and that message has not changed over time.

The younger kids begin to know the Bible, the better. They face difficulties everyday, and understanding the stories of the Bible and the ways of God can help them deal with these difficulties with confidence.
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