Another Dawn Chapter 13

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 5th, 2011

Her very wild dreams led her back to consciousness while having an overwhelming ecstasy in her very dirty Kai-fantasy. She took in a deep breathe and woke up slowly with her feelings slowly receding. She opened her eyes and realized she was looking out of the window. She must have slept for a long while for she could see the last hints of the sun and a few stars already had encountered the night-sky. She looked around, gazed at the stars and then saw the circling entity called Alpha. From down here it resembled something they had called “Northern Light” on Earth. It had blue circling clouds, pulsing and vanishing, renewing and and dimming waves of energy and all surrounded by now really impressive looking three moons. It had something soothing.

“Doesn't it look beautiful ...” she turned around with spread-out arms to caress her beloved one but they grabbed the emptiness of the other side of the bed.

“K... Kai?” her eyes got wide and her heart almost jumped out of her mouth.

“Kai?!” she jumped off the bed. There still was his imprint on the side where he was laying. She even could smell him... Smell him? She never realized he had a scent. Was that new? She knelt down on his side and sniffed the pillow down to the bed end. She had never smelled such a scent before, at least not in this combination. There was a part of something water-like fresh smell, comparable to that ferns she had seen while visiting Garden. And another part remembered her of the Brunnis fountain on this square, like wet sandstone. The last part was something different and very intense at least for her Cluster Lizard olfaction ... she had never smelled it before... it had something smoky in it but still natural... Sandalwood! That was it! That was the perfect description of it. He smelled like Sandalwood.

But what was Sandalwood? How did this come up her mind? She was confused and looked around the room. Sounds from the outside reached her ears, those chirruping animals had started another strange melody. Some birds joined that unfamiliar but comfortable music of the night. Birds she had heard while they were with Oberon. And then voices. Laughter. Stanley and Ceannaire. And... Kai!


She ran out of the bedroom, vaguely realizing the building was enlightened by candles thus there were electric lamps installed. She stood on the gallery leaning over it and saw the three of them sitting around the table. A lot of food was spread over it and Stanley had an intense conversation with Ceannaire. And he was there, too!

Kai said with them on the table listening closely to Stanley's story of how they escaped the Cluster and fled into the Dark Zone. He was holding some sort of fruit, she suggested, she could not see it exactly but he now bit a piece of it! He was eating! Kai was eating a fruit! And now he even drank something out of a very weird looking sort of jar, like if a child had made it. And then he looked upstairs and a smile surrounded his hazel-eyes.

“Zev...” he said with his deep voice and slowly stood up from his chair, presenting another one to her. Some plate was already arranged there with colourful looking fruits on it and another jar placed besides.

“Will you join us?” he asked. His voice sounded fresh and strong, like he had recovered from the past happenings.

Zev took a fast step downstairs and almost fell for she did not watch her step closely and her legs had gotten somehow weak by this invitation. Together with her platform boots and this wooden obviously hand-made stairs, it had almost ended up in a disgracing disaster. But she had fast reflexes and just rolled downstairs in her Cluster Lizard style.

Kai walked towards her and Stanley commented this little interlude with “See what I told you?” And Ceannaire  first seemed to look to Stanley then turned around again. But under that hood, there still was no face to see.

“Why didn't you wake me up?” Zev asked while grabbing his arms, pulling him closer, staring into his life-bearing eyes and finally ending up stroking over his chest with upcoming memories of her latest dream.

“You seemed to be happy with your dreams and so I decided to let you sleep.” he said with his very arousing voice.

“But you should have waken me! I was afraid something happened to you when I found your side of the bed empty!” she looked away shyly for she realized he must had noticed that she had an exciting dream.

“Then I will wake you next time.” he answered and carefully stroke over her hair. It was blond now, very soft. He liked her silver-blue hair as well, the red one had taken much to get used to but the blond colour now suited her very good. Lyekka had done a very impressive job when recreating Zev's body. Very impressive and sensual. And while thinking about Zev and her wonderful body he came closer to her unwittingly and they ended up in a wild and passionate kiss. He had her head between his strong hands and she grabbed into his bun with the one hand and the other hand was wrapped around his loin.  His hands slowly moved downward her neck and he finally pulled her closer to him, still kissing her. Their bodies were pressed closed to each other and she felt her blood rushing into her head and her legs started to tremble and finally got weak and she slumped down into his strong arms.

“Zev!?” he held her trembling body in his arms. “Is everything all right?” he asked looking very concerned and even Stanley had jumped onto his feet and was now with them. Zev first did not hear Kai but she saw his sensual lips moving. She smiled and stroke over his cheek while her blood calmed down a bit.

“Zev? Are you all right?” Kai asked again slowly lowering her to the ground and feeling her pulse. Zev closed her eyes, wailing in this caressing sort of embrace and realized she could smell that arousing scent again.

“Sandalwood...” she moaned and opened her eyes again. She became more and more aware that three people were looking at her in concern.

“Sandalwood?” Stanley asked her “Who is Sandalwood?” Ceannaire gave a jar with water to Kai and he lifted her head a bit and carefully placed it onto her lips. Zev drank a bit and her head did become clearer, her blood had calmed down and her senses returned to normal. She winked two or three times.

“What... what happened?” Zev said while she sat up. Kai helped her to get back on her feet. She was still a bit weak on them but with Kai holding her and leading towards a chair, she got stronger.

“Well, you looked like you were about to pass out, after...” Stanley started to explain while Kai filled her jar again and handed it over to her.

“The Brunnen-G had been very passionate. Only strong people could stand them, as far as we know.” Ceannaire said.

“She is part Cluster Lizard. I cannot imagine something stronger.” Kai said offering Zev something to eat. Zev blushed again. He just had been given her a compliment.

“I think we all have to rest for we had to face a lot of things for the past thousands of years.” He looked into her eyes and then to Stan. “All of us.”

Stanley nodded. “Yeah, that's right...” he returned to his chair and Ceannaire was looking to all of them in turns. These three people had been trough very strange happenings, she thought. Stanley a former backup assistant courier had been captured by pirates and handed over to the Divine Order, carving out a miserable existence from that moment on and given another chance by becoming captain of the Lexx. They had to face the Dark Zone and the Gigashadow, that what she knew so far. He had a lot more to tell.

And Zev Bellinger of B3K, a former ugly woman was sentenced to be turned into a love slave for she had not fulfilled her wifely duties. But the transformation was only in body not in mind. And even in this process something had went wrong: parts of a Cluster Lizard had been added in her genetic structure. And she, too, could escape with the Lexx.

And there was Kai, Last of the Brunnen-G that time, murdered by His Divine Shadow and then abused by the bio-viziers with their terrifying experiments. He had to serve His Divine Shadow for over 2000 years as a Divine Assassin, slaughtering heretics and every other person no matter what sex or age that was not conform the the Divine Orders rules. He was sent after Stan and Zev onto the Lexx to kill them but instead he regained his memory and killed the body of His Divine Shadow. The three of them escaped to the Dark Zone but had to come back for the thing called Protoblood and they had to destroy the Gigashadow. So far Ceannaire knew the story of them and she would write it down and place it in the library of the Memory Building. She had to hear more of them, Stanley was very precise but it was only his side of the story.