Encyclopedia Brunnis-Scroll of the Ancients, Starfire, Surach

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 8th, 2011

Scroll of the Ancients-Written historical record of the Brunnis-Pordyah treaty drafted during the third cycle by Adana.  The scroll outlined the drafting of the main treaty and an asylum clause opening up pordyah to immigration by the Warrior class during the Exodus.  It also named the Third Kai as Adana's proxy during the year he spent on Pordyah training the Pordyan forces.

Starfire-A highly valued crystal only found in and around the Gravity Desert on Brunnis.  Starfires were in reality the iridescent feces of insects compressed over time into hardened crystals; used for jewelry, and barter.  Over 57% of the southern continent’s economy was dependent on starfires. 

The only starfires known to exist after the Fourth cycle are in the Vault on Terlara.  It Is a necklace that was given to Aranna by the Second avatar.  It was handed down through the bloodline and became the property of Adana.  After the death of Adana it was placed in the vault and remained there until the fifth cycle when it was gifted by the third avatar to Dara, the voice of the Pantheon.  After Dara’s death it was returned to the vault by the fifth Avatar.

Surach-a team sport played on Brunnis that was similar to a combination of Earth Soccer and American football.