The Fall of the Divine Order Chapter 2

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 8th, 2011

Yottskry sat in the small room around a table with 5 other men, all heretics.  “Thodin did what any one of us would have done.”

“Thodin revealed the fact that we can’t depend on some ancient prophecy any longer.  Thousands of years waiting for the arrival of the Brunnen G and he was already here, working for the Order and killing us.” One man answered.

“Yes, enslaved by the Order but no more.  Divine Shadow disappeared when he crossed into Dark Zone.  Kai killed Divine Shadow.” Yottskry argued.

“An assumption, you have no proof.” Someone else argued.

“The Clerics have begun choosing the Circle of Eight.  I think that is proof enough.  Once the final choice has been made, The Cleansing will be upon us.” Yottskry said.

“Then The Brunnen G has failed us, he has not filled the Prophecy.” Another man spoke.

“He has not failed us.”  Tibalt, Thodin’s father spoke up.  “The Prophecy stated that he would destroy the Divine Order, it said nothing about saving us.  He has destroyed Divine Shadow and he has created an opportunity for us to save ourselves.  We must evacuate all that we can.”

“To where? The reformed worlds were destroyed thanks to that idiot, Stanley Tweedle.” Someone questioned.

“Away from The Cluster.  As far away as they can get, to the outermost worlds.  The Order will run out of resources before it can cleanse every planet.” Yottskry said.  “I remain here.  My name was chosen.  I will make sure that the GigaShadow does not rise.”


“Come on Stan, It’s just a cryochamber.” Stanley H Tweedle told himself.  “A cryochamber where a Divine Assassin is sleeping in a cryopod.  A Divine Assassin that was ready to kill you just a few months ago.”

It hadn’t taken Stan long realize just how big the Lexx was.  The quickest way from the rooms He and Zev had claimed as their bedchambers to the important areas like the Galley and the toilet was through the cryochamber.

Stan’s stomach growled reminding him that at this moment food was his main priority.  Carefully Stan peeked around the door into the chamber. 


Stan grabbed his chest and spun around to come face to face with a laughing Zev and smug 790.

“That wasn’t funny!”

“Sure it was! Stan he’s frozen.  Kai is not going to wake up unless we wake him up.” She said grabbing his arm and pulling him into the room. 

Zev stopped in front of the Cryopod.  “See Stan, still sleeping like the dead.”

“He is dead Zev.  I’m worried that he will decide he wants company being dead.” Stan said with a shiver.

“Stan, we’re perfectly safe with him.  Relax.” Zev said running her fingertips down the glass. “Let’s go eat, I’m starving.” She said leading the way out into the main passage Stan right on her heels.

                Neither heard the Cryopod open behind them.



                Yottskry followed the other clerics into the chamber.  He was one of three arch-heretics and one minor heretic on The Cluster who would survive the Cleansing.  The Gigashadow must not be allowed to rise.  Yottskry glanced at the seven other men wondering who the others were.  Yottskry was the one who had argued that they must not know each other’s identities.

                When the time of the Rebirth arrived, there were four in this room who would give their lives to insure that it did not happen.



                Kai settled his rear end on the bottom of the cryopod.  It was shot.  The little protoblood he had left would soon run out.  Thousands of years after his death, he could finally die…alone.  There was no one left to mourn him or to sing his spirit to the Dream Zone.  He was the last of his kind.

                He began to sing softly.  He thought of his family and friends long since gone.  His Shadow had demanded retribution against him as the last of his kind, and achieved it.  Without someone to mourn him, to sing for his soul; Kai knew he would never reach the Dream Zone.  His soul would wander lost for all eternity.

                But you are not alone, he thought to himself.  There is Zev and Stanley.  Stanley would be pleased, even now months later Stanley still feared him.  Zev would mourn him he thought.  Perhaps it would be enough.

                As if she knew his thoughts, Zev was at his side. 



                The time of the Rebirth Ceremony was at hand.  Eight robed clerics filed into the room, each determined to achieve a goal, rebirth or the final destruction of the Divine Order.