Another Dawn Chapter 18

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Jan 29th, 2012

The woods were very big and looked like they were very old. He had no idea how old this planet was but the trees did show a very long life. Especially the oaks had grown strong and big, plenty of branches and full of leaves. Kai considered it to be a summer-like season for the green was deep and he could see them growing seeds like acorns, pine cones, bucketeers and many more. He could not remember such big and old woods on Brunnis 2, neither such a rich nature.

He realized soon that his mind got lost several times when examining different trees and flowers. Some of them were familiar to him from books he had read or pictures shown by elder ones but most of them still were unknown. He really wanted to learn more about this nature. Then a noise came up to his ears, very far away, but his Assassin' skills still were functional. Maybe that was a sign of some deer or a sounder of wild hogs. Definitely something alive and worth for taking a closer look at.

Kai started walking towards that noise then started running and finally sprinting. He dodged trees and bushes easily, his moves were of a cat's grace and he liked the feeling of his lungs filling with the fresh and wet air of the woods. The cold breath ran down his throat, filled his lungs and was turned into warmth by his pulsing blood. He felt his heart beating up and he liked feeling his unnatural strength for the first time. He still was in parts a Divine Assassin, he could sense it, but now he could give this doom a different meaning. He was alive now and capable of using all the advantages that his conversion had given him. Now he had not only his own will, Kai was aware of being a warrior for the first time in his life. And by thinking of this his blood rushed into his head and the sounding name of “Brunnen-G” came into his mind and his heart was beating even stronger now. He carried the legacy of his ancestors, that's what he was sure about now.

The deer could not realize what was hunting it. Just as it became aware that something was tracking it, the whirring noise of Kai's brace broke the silence and killed the deer at once. Painless, fast and almost silent. Its head was lying some steps besides its body and Kai was satisfied with this success. The brace really was a good weapon for he just had to think about what he was going to do and it “followed” his will. The Guiding Ones had been right when they said, every Brunnen-G had his own weapon and that it was part of their soul. Kai could not think of any other weapon for he had mastered this one for now 6000 years.

Another fast running sound of ground-hidding hoofs came up to his ears and he was immediately up for his second chance to hunt. This time he moved a lot more silently through the undergrowth for his body had now adapted to this former unknown hunting place. He had not to seek very long for he knew a deer normally was not not alone and he soon found the rest of the herd. It took him only seconds to spot out another deer for hunting. The rest of the herd hurried away in agony shortly after Kai killed the second deer with another head-shot. He let them escape but watched them for a while. He tried to find out a bit more of their behaviour for all that he knew was some knowledge out of books and vague pictures. He never had a chance to watch those animals in their natural environment, see them communicating with each other, hear their sounds, smell their scent or watching them browse.

He stood there for quite a while before he returned to his duty. He took the first deer which was bigger than him easily up on his shoulder and walked back to the first one that he had left behind on a clearing in the woods. He felt his heart calming down and so his blood. He felt good for he knew they all would have something to eat now and he was thankful to find so many food on Arcadia. He clearly remembered their time drifting through the Dark Zone without any food. Well, he had not needed any food but now he could feel his hunger again and he knew how Stan and Zev must have felt during that time. Everything seemed to turn out all-right for them all by now. Hopefully.