The Sixth Cycle Chapter 1

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Aug 27th, 2011

Chapter 1



            Dario and Loanna gathered their bags and exited the transport.  The twins had been raised in the Corleone branch of the temple as warriors and then had taken the next step.  Only a handful of warriors had the proper bloodline and were skilled enough to attain the title of Kai as they had both done, together.

            The qualifications were rigorous.  You had to be descended from the Kai bloodline to even be considered.  Then you had to survive for six months on a hostile world full of predators with only a Gortha and a few basic supplies, then you had to go through the final test.  A mind probe, if you were able to retain your sanity, you had earned the right to the title of Kai.

            The twins had shocked the temple during the final phase of testing.  The testers had been unable to so much as enter their minds.  Somehow they had shielded themselves from all attempts to enter.

            Kais were more than warriors, they were assassins.  It was their job to seek out and destroy any inkling of evil in the Unified Worlds, any trace of Insect influence.  In the past 100 years more and more was happening that seemed to indicate a return to the days of the Great Evils.  And that was why they were here on Bouda.

            Dario set down his bag opened it and reached in pulling out the brace.  Like all Kais, both Dario and Loanna had been augmented.  Dario clipped the brace to the firing slot in his right forearm and activated the implant in his brain that controlled the brace.  Loanna now followed suit. 

The Gorthas that rode at their hips announced them as warriors, but the braces announced them as Kais.  They had opted to travel incognito but having arrived at their destination, they were no longer concerned with alarming their fellow travelers.  The braces made dealing with the local population much easier.  They would either be respected or feared, it did not matter which reaction they received.  Both were equally effective.





The Guard started as the man materialized in front of him from nowhere.  He quickly dropped to one knee in supplication.  As a guard of the vault he had been required to memorize the likenesses of each of the five incarnations of the Pantheon Majora, before him stood the Fourth Incarnation.

“It is my calling to serve.  How may I be of service to the Fourth Incarnation?” The guard asked.

“I have business inside the Vault.”  Fourth told him as he walked past.  The chip he had gotten from Brizon in his hand.

The deactivated 790 sat there in a recessed niche.  Fourth picked him up and switched him on.

“No! Don’t leave me, my beautiful blossom of…” 790 stopped mid-sentence. “Delectable Death!”

“Hello 790.  I need you to analyze the information on this chip.” Kai said as he attached it to 790’s input port.  “Can you do this?”

“But it will fry my brain cube!” 790 said aghast.

“I know 790, but you must destroy your brain cube to come with me.  And we all need your help now.” Kai replied.  “This will free you to come and go at will between here and the Other Zone.  And all of your Kais are in the Other Zone.”

“All of you? Even my perfect little bud of beauty?” 790 asked.

“Even her, but she is much older now, like First Kai.”

790’s eyescreens were replaced by a grid of numbers.

“Did it work?  Am I dead?” 790 asked.

Kai turned 790 so that he could see the metal head now sitting in the recess.  “It worked.  Now we must go to the Other Zone.”




            The first stop was the local Magistrate’s office.  “Kais!  In the outer area.  Two of them! They want to see you.” The flustered secretary told the Magistrate.

“Two Kais?  They are taking my report seriously, then.  Show them in.”

“Magistrate,”  The male spoke “I am Kai-Dario this is my sister Kai-Loanna.  We are here about the murders.”

“Thank you for coming so quickly.  I am Magistrate Dorn.” The man said standing up and bowing to the two.  “This situation is not something that I am equipped to deal with.  My experience runs to petty theft and the occasional bar fight.”

“You are not a Kai, murder is not within your jurisdiction.  It is why we have been sent.” The female spoke.  “Although murder on this scale is unknown to us also.  Murder on this scale has not occurred in over 1500 years, not since the last Great Evil.”

“We have preserved the scene as it was found, stasis fields were placed around the bodies.”

“Show us.” Dario demanded, turning and leading the way out of the office.

“How many bodies did you discover?” Loanna asked.

“Twelve, all died violently.” Dorn answered as they walked the two short blocks to the scene.

“It looks as if they were remodeling.” Dario noted.

“Yes, Myna had just taken on a partner.  He is missing.  You will understand if I do not go inside with you.  Myna was a friend and several of the victims were also well known to me.

I will return to my office and wait for you there.” Dorn said as he turned away and headed back in the direction they had just come from.

Dario opened the door on the carnage.  Everything seemed to have been left as it had been found, just as the magistrate said.  Dario activated his implant recording even the smallest details of the scene.  Loanna squatted down near the closest body and shut off the stasis field and began scanning it.



Prince didn’t mind death, he also didn’t mind hell which is where he was for all intents and purposes.  He was looking for someone in particular and had found him.  Eternity was not being kind to Prince’s long time flunky.

Priest was busy rolling a huge stone up an incline.  Just as he approached the peak, once again he tired and the stone rolled back down the ramp crushing Priest in the process. Prince walked over to the base of the ramp and waited.

Priest’s body appeared and his eyes opened.  “My Prince!” He shouted as he scrambled to his knees reaching for Prince’s hand and covering it in worshipful kisses.

Prince snatched his hand back. “Come, we have work to do.”

“But my Prince how is it that you are here?  The Last of the Brunnen G killed you!”

“He only did what he has always done, kill my body.  I simply waited.  When the Brunnen G destroyed Mantrid the universe was filled with free floating pain. Trillions upon trillions of atoms that carried delicious pain.  I simply called them to me.

And now I am back.  We have a score to settle with the Brunnen G, especially the Divine Assassin.”

Neither of them paid any attention to the man next to them.  The man’s ears had perked up at the phrase Brunnen G.  The man had been here for thousands of years.  Swinging this hammer and trying to break off the protruding chunk of rock.  He stopped and dropped the hammer to the ground as memories of his first life returned to him.

He remembered uttering the word “Guilty”.  He remembered the shock and disbelief he had felt when the senior council member had handed down the sentence.  He had helped to condemn his own son to an agonizing death.

He took off running along the wall looking for others that he could recognize, others from Brunnis Two. 

“Where do you think you are going?” The guard asked grabbing him by the collar.  “Get back to work.”

The father of the Fourth Incarnation did not argue.  He went back to his spot quietly picked up the hammer and used it, on the guard.  He once again ran off running along the wall looking for others like himself, other Brunnen G.