Guide To Choosing The Right Head Gear

From: Dickens Ben , Posted Date: Dec 18th, 2018

Welcome to the world of two wheels. Whether you have shifted from a tricycle or a four-wheeler, riding a bike is surely going to be a phenomenal experience for you. You can either be a slow turtle riding on less than 25 km per hour or an insane 160 km per hour racer.

But no matter which category you fall in from the above two mentioned, you surely need to consider safety first. Isn’t it what you were told when you got your driving license? Remember or long forgotten or maybe was it never made!?

Out of all the gear you get to choose when riding a bike, the most important one is a helmet. Novelty helmets motorcycle helmet just like the amazingly growing fashion line has a lot of variety to it but don’t worry it’s not endless like the usual fashion or the hours which a girl takes for doing her makeup before that sweet dreamy date with her guy with the sexiest bike.

Okay now let’s get started with our interest in today's article, to brief ourselves about all the possible helmet types, novelty helmets motorcycle, and varieties which we get to choose from. Now majorly there are five varieties of helmets which counts in the entries like the open face helmet, modular helmets, dual sport, half shell helmets, full face helmets. Versatility and the comfort zones are the most important factors which we come across while buying almost anything whether it’s a little black dress or that Prada legging or that hot helmet with a fire design!

For those who travel almost every other day or on a frequent basis every week, you would like to look out for motorcycle low profile helmets that offer reduced noise facility and maintains its comfort levels all throughout on longer durations of time. And if you are such a busy bee that has call almost even another second, then you can even customize your helmet with Bluetooth systems. Okay now talking about the materials that can be used for these motorcycle low profile helmets we have a few very popular and recommended picks. The ones on top are polycarbonate, fiberglass, and fiber-carbon. Out of all these, most of the helmets are these days made out of the fiberglass composite and carbon fiber which is then extra shielded with an additional layer of polystyrene foam which is also known as EPS in short terms.

Polycarbonate is preferred for its flexibility and how it absorbs the energy and the jerks which are given by sudden brakes and the good thing about this is that polycarbonates are less expensive and come in almost everyone’s budget. Next fiberglass composite is again one in for its flexibility, how it splits and absorbs the energy from the jerks it receives but it is not cheap like the former material mentioned in the article and is more expensive. Carbon fiber is the most expensive but it’s the lightest and again distributes the energy on the impact it receives. Lastly, the EPS is a foam material which has a dense compressive nature which is used as a shock absorbing the material in the inner shell.