Transition 3

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Aug 20th, 2011

                Selai watched as the last of her people boarded the transports.  She took one last look around at the dry dusty ground of Brunnis.  The stabilizers still fired keeping both suns stable. 

                This is what they all died for she thought, Kai and the others.  A soon to be barren hunk of rock, the forests were all but gone the oceans and lakes no longer supported life.  This world was a ruin.

                Selai entered the last transport taking a seat next to Irina.  Kai’s sister had been appointed by Adana to lead the Warriors who were chosen to go with the people of Brunnis to look for a new home when Adana had left for Pordyah three years earlier with half the caste.

“We head off to a new life.  We will find a world that we can claim as our own, a new Brunnis where we will thrive.”  Selai told her.  “It is your children who bear  the duty now.”



                In the library, Poetman finished his last assigned task.  The final reference to Little Blue was removed.  It was Adana’s last request before she left for Pordyah.  She had already removed all the information from both council records and the Warrior Guild’s database.  Little Blue would be a mystery.  Poetman now had all the time he could want to browse the thousands of books and manuscripts.  All he had to do now was wait for the big bug and the return of Kai.



The Group of women watched as the last vessel left the surface of Brunnis.  The mission for this cycle was completed.  The Brunnen G were headed to their doom even as they lived on to be redeemed through others.


They headed back to the temple to the small room deep in the bowels of the former Sister Superior’s private chambers.


We are the Time Prophet.  Time is a mystery to most, but is clear to us. We see through time to its end. 

We are the servants of KAI.  We are the one created to guide and remind.  It is our task to remind the spirit of the duty held by the soul.

We observe and record.  We guard the door to the life beyond. It is our task to record the sacrifice so that it is never forgotten.  We etch the third story, the task is complete.  The warrior who rebelled against the disobedience of the council has earned his rest and the coming of the next begins

We prepare for KAI’s return.  It comes soon.  The enemy of mankind builds it’s empire in a dimesion beyond, the punishment of the Brunnen G continues.  The Warrior who returns to us must be inflexible, his duty is to destroy all that was before.  He is the the destroyer and bringer of evil He is the end of all that is known and the beginning of a new future.