The Sixth Cycle Chapter 8

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 15th, 2011

            “So Loanna what are you reading now?” Dario asked.

            She turned the book around so he could read the title.

            “The Book of Adana?  Why are you reading ancient history? We are supposed to be on a hunt.”

            “The old one said look within to what has gone before.  In each identified cycle of time there is a ‘Kai’.  What we know as the incarnations.”

            “So?  Are you going to tell me you are taking all this legend and myth seriously?” Dario laughed. “Come on Lo, facts are what we need.  What we can prove.”

            “Yesterday in the Garden, was I the only one who saw and spoke to the old couple?”

            “You didn’t see them leave because they probably just went to a different section.  You need to get your mind off of Brother Stan’s books and back on the hunt.  We need to find this Prince before he kills again.” Dario scolded.


Third was still looking rather pale.   “I can’t believe that Prince… I thought it was her.  He was exactly like her.”

“Prince can take any form he wishes.  He successfully convinced both Stanley Tweedle and myself that he was Xev.” Fourth said.  “He managed to get the key to the Lexx from Stanley using Xev’s form.”

“Wait didn’t you tell us the key could only change hands at the point of death or through sexual…  Oh crap! Sorry Third.”  Second said as Third paled and began taking several deep breaths to avoid retching again.

“She, I mean he kept suggesting that Fourth would try to cause strife between us.” Third finally got out.

“Prince knew that I would quickly see through his charade.  What I cannot figure out is how he knew about Dava.” Fourth said.

“What do you mean?” Fifth asked.

“Prince has never met Dava, or any of our mates for that matter.  How was he able to come back as her when he never met her?”

“Priest?” Second ventured.

“That is highly unlikely.  Priest is about as intelligent as Bunny was.” Fourth said.  “but Prince did find out somehow.”

“We will have to be vigilant.  It seems that your mother was right Fourth, Prince is carrying a grudge.” First said.



Third and Fifth were sitting on Third’s mountain.  Third was still upset by Prince’s subterfuge. 

“Third you didn’t know.  It is as 790 said, Prince is evil and manipulative.  None of us could have foreseen this.”

“You can’t know how…unsettling this is Fifth.  Right now I don’t trust myself.  I can’t be sure of what is real and what is not.  I doubt myself.  I have never really doubted myself before.  It’s making me question everything that has ever happened to me, everything I have ever done. 

Whatever Prince’s original motives were don’t matter.  This doubt he has caused me to feel is damaging, not just to me but to all of us.  Because I don’t trust myself, none of you can trust me.”



Second was on his way to the the meeting room when the old woman stopped him.

“You are one of them, you are Kai.” She said.

“Who are you?  And how do you know who I am?”

“I am Irina, You must take me to my brother, he followed you.  Our mother feels his pain, but she cannot leave the Dream Zone.  I would ease her worry.” She responded.

“You came here from the Dream Zone?” He asked skeptically.  “Prove it.”

 “You are Kai the Younger, son of Nira and Dagon.  Your uncle was Dumi, he witnessed your death destroying the insect’s comet.  Dumi was Nira’s youngest brother.”

“So? You know my family history.”

“You were the first Commandant of Dragons, appointed at the age of 25.  Very few know this because you died on your first mission.  Your adopted brother Jute is credited with being the first. 

A photo hung in my father’s office.  He was Commandant of Dragons during the Insect War.  You stood in the first row at the far left.  Jute stood directly behind you and you both wore matching medallions depicting a Gort curled around a young cub. The medallion was the symbol of the house of Uri, Spiritual advisor to the Shaman of the tribe of the Western Desert.” She replied.

“My mother cannot leave the Dream Zone but I can, I made the Exodus to Brunnis 2 where I lived until it was destroyed by the Divine Order.  I was one of a handful of Originals who took the immortality shot, it worked for me.

But I‘ve spent most of my time in the Other Zone following the Kai born of my line since I died beside his mother when Brunnis 2 was destroyed.”