The Sixth Cycle Chapter 6

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 1st, 2011


Loanna sat in the garden reading the Book of Kai.  Not only did it seem that Prince could die and come back, he could come back as someone else.  The Messengers had noted two instances of this.  He had appeared as both a living version of the Dark One and as The Messenger, Xev Bellringer.

This development made the task before her and her brother even more difficult.  What if Prince was walking around right now and was indistinguishable as Prince.  There was one clue to Prince’s identity, a small glass water bottle he wore around his neck.

There was also one other thing, Prince seemed to be uncertain as to whether or not the Last of the Bruunen G could kill him.  That question had certainly been answered.  She stood and bowed to the memorial marker. 

“Whatever help you can give us Dark One, it is sorely needed.”



“Why do you insist on acting like a silly immature pain in the ass when you are far from it?” Fifth said as she took Second’s arm.

“It is what everyone expects of me.  I appear to be the youngest of the bunch even though I’m older than all of you except First.  Usually even you are all so busy paying attention to my appearance that you forget that I am older and wiser.  It shocks you all when something of substance leaves my mouth.” Second laughed.

“But my apparent youth is also my strength.  Everyone underestimates me except for First.  He may look old and senile, and I may call him old and senile; but there is nothing wrong with his wits.  Most people underestimate him too for the same reason, opposite side of the coin.  I am too young to be anything but naïve and irresponsible, and he is so old that he must be senile and helplessly frail.  I think she planned it that way.”

“You mean Rakais?”

“Yes, none of us are stupid, but her two most experienced chosen ones appear to be the least ‘mentally acute’ of the bunch.  And no you don’t look nearly as old as he does brat.  You lived to a ripe old age but you didn’t put your body through the constant abuse he put his through fighting for 80 years.  Not to mention the mental and emotional stress he was under juggling his family and his duty to Her.”  Second said.   “She chose when I was born, don’t you think she could have chosen a time decades earlier?”

“Wait, are you saying she deliberately wanted you to die looking like you barely made it out of puberty?” Fifth asked.

“Prince burned his bridges with Fourth.  He’s figured out that First is not senile. He’s wary of Third and really doesn’t know what to think of you, the wildcard. So he will be wary of you also.  But seriously, how much of a threat do you think Prince believes me to be?”

“A very small threat.” She guessed.  “And you will make it a point to feed that assumption.”

“The more of an immature pain in the ass he believes me to be, the better for us all.”



“Hello Kai.”

Third stopped.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  “Dava what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in the Dream Zone.”

“I missed you.” She said wrapping her arms around him.  “So I came looking for you.”

“I’m surprised, but I’m glad to see you.  I’ve missed you too, my visits to the Dream Zone never last long enough.” He said as he wrapped his arms around her. 

“We should have had more time.” She murmured against his chest. “More time together.”

“I come when I am able, you know that.” He said.  “Wait how did you get out?”

“I followed a strange man who passed through and ended up here.”  Dava said.  “But enough questions, let us concentrate on ourselves for now.”



“Brother Stan, can you answer a question for us?  Does he hear when we pray?” Loanna asked.

The priest responded.  “During the last great evil, people turned out in droves to pray for the coming of The One and she arrived.  They did not pray for the Incarnations to return but they did.  It was how the people knew that the one had arrived.

During an all female worship service led by the Voice of the Pantheon a male voice rang out through the temple speaking the words “She carries Fifth Kai.”  All those attending that day heard it.  When they turned they saw a young woman in labor.”

“Yes that was in Dara’s journal.” Loanna said.  “She was the only one in the temple that could see them.”

“So to answer your question, the people prayed for the one and they got the entire Pantheon Majora.  So a much better question than does HE hear; would be do THEY hear and how will they choose to respond?

“You are Kais.  Your connection is to the Fourth Incarnation, but he is only one aspect of what we know is Kai.  Your answer may come from him or from one of the others.  Or you may get no answer at all because it is not yet time for an answer.”

“Then what good is prayer if we cannot rely on a response?” Dario demanded.

“That is why it is called faith my friend.  The Dark One is known for patience, it is a gift you should develop.  Patience forestalls mistakes made in eagerness.”  The priest said as he lit another candle.

Loanna took her brother’s arm dragging him from the sanctuary.  “Dario shouting at Brother Stan will not help us.  There is a point he is trying to make, something he wants us to understand and he wants us to come to this realization on our own.”



Dava looked down at the sleeping Third Kai.  Even in this realm there was a rhythm to ‘life’, energy had to be replaced once spent. 

Enough complaints had been made.  Now to let those seeds germinate.  If they truly matured as hoped, the Kais would be busy fighting among themselves.

Fourth Kai would be the one who figured out what was going on.  Fourth Kai had figured it out on the Lexx when Prince had finally managed to get the key from Stanley Tweedle using Xev’s likeness.  He would be the one to put two and two together now.  Of course Dava had commented on jealousy coming from that particular Kai, so it was better for Prince’s plans that Dava disappear before the Divine Assassin caught sight of ‘her’.

“So easy to manipulate.”  Dava said as she transformed into Prince.  “I wonder how much pain it will cause you when you realize who was really in your bed.”  Prince said with a smile.



790 was still going through a millennium’s worth of information when he found it.  It might not mean anything but then again it could be exactly what he was looking for.  This ability to just pop in where he wished was a welcome part of life in the Other Zone.

“Hello young and studly.” 790 said to Second.  “I think that I may have found what you wanted.  In Adana’s journal she said that your mate was a bridge across cycles.”

“Yes that was Aranna’s purpose. Why?” Second asked.

“She also said that this is what protected dead and dreamy while he was enslaved by the Divine Order.  That you, First and Third stayed connected to him during this time through her.  Did you know about this connection?”

“No, none of us was aware of it.  You think we are now connected to another.” Second surmised.

“Possibly.  ‘Two will fight this battle.’ is the message you received in this cycle.  I believe that it refers to twins, twin Kais.  A brother and sister, named Dario and Loanna.  Their final testing was unusual to say the least.  The mind probe was completely ineffective against them.  The testers could not even penetrate the outermost layers of their minds, something was preventing it.”

“Aranna’s gift.” Second said.

“That is what I believe.  But there is something else.  They were assigned a case on a planet called Bouda.  12 bodies were found in an inn, all died from violence.  There is a 13th body unaccounted for.  It is missing although the evidence of the 13th death was left behind.  They and others believe the 13th body belonged to a man who had recently appeared on Bouda, he had made a deal with the owner of the inn to become her partner.  The man called himself Prince.”

“So now we know what he is up to.” Second said.

“Yes, the twins are on Terlara now, investigating the deaths of several priests.” 790 responded.

“Meet me in the conference room I’ll gather the others.  And 790 thank you.” Second said, patting the head.