The Sixth Cycle Chapter 7

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 8th, 2011

“Where is Third?” 790 asked.

“I don’t know.  I looked for him but couldn’t find him.” Second replied.

The Kais were still discussing Third’s whereabouts when he entered the room.  Third made his way to the table and dropped heavily into his seat.

“You look like something the Gort dragged in.” said First.  Third looked at him through bloodshot puffy eyes.  “I take that back.  Not even K’ozci would have dragged you home looking as you do right now.”

“I had a long night.” Third replied.

“Who was she?” Fourth asked.

“Who was who?” Fifth questioned.

“The woman who was hanging all over him last night.”  Fourth replied.

“None of your business.  That’s who.” Third replied.

“A woman here, last night?  You brought some strange woman into our sanctuary again?” Second asked.

“She was not some ‘woman’.  It was Dava.” Third answered.

First and Second exchanged glances. 

“790 wanted to report what he had found but in reality it is not much.  There is no need for an in depth report when it is simply a case of saying that he is still working on finding answers.” First said.

“Curvaceous one, why don’t you take him back to his space and get him to rest.” 790 suggested as he noticed the telling glance between the first two Kais.

“Good idea.  He looks like he is ready to topple over.” Fifth said taking his arm and urging him to his feet.

“Why didn’t you want Third to hear 790’s report?”  Fourth asked after they left.

 “Dava cannot come here. Both First and I have tried to bring our mates here, it doesn’t work.  There is no way he could have brought Dava here.  Our mates are confined to the Dream Zone.” Second said.

“But he did bring ‘something or someone’, here.  The question is what?” Fourth added.  “You are sure that our mates are confined?”

“We think  it’s something about going through fractal cores that allows some of our people to breach the barrier.” First said.

“Third did not go through the fractal core, he died within it.  Could that possibly mean different rules apply to him?” Fourth asked.

“Apply to him yes.  But it does not change the fact that Dava never crossed a fractal core so it could not be her.” Second said.

“Third brought my mother here.”  Fourth noted.

“True, but your mother was in Purgatory, a part of the Other Zone.  Once a soul enters the Dream Zone it cannot ever leave unless it has passed through a fractal core, or they are a Kai.  So whoever she was, she was not Dava.  790 once you’ve given us your report we have another task for you.  We need you to go to the Dream Zone and find Dava.  If she is there then we know it was not her with him last night.” First pointed out.

“There is another possibility.” Fourth said.  “Prince can choose any form to come back.  He’s done it twice that I know of.  Once he came back as me and Xev killed him.  He also came back as Xev, and I killed him.”

“Prince as an elemental would be able to travel freely, even here as Duke does.” First noted.

“Ewwww! Third and Prince?  That’s disgusting! That’s just….ewww!” Second said.

“Third would not have known it was Prince, he would fully believe it was Dava.  And when the truth comes out Prince will have done what he does best, cause pain.” Fourth said.



Loanna and Dario were in the garden.  They were seated on the ground surrounded by the memorial markers, when an ancient couple entered the gardens.

“Would it disturb your meditations if we join you?” The old man asked.

“Suit yourself.” Dario said and ignored them.

“This is a place of peace, and yet you seem agitated.” The old woman noted.

“I am trying to concentrate here.” Dario responded.

“Impatience does you no good.” The old man said.  He nodded at the memorial markers, “It will not make them respond any faster.”

“As a matter of fact, impatience may make you miss the response when you get it.” The woman said and turned to Loanna.  “Your companion is impetuous.”

“My brother has always been impetuous.” She replied.

“But you are not?” The old woman asked.

“I can be, sometimes.  There is something that we are meant to learn but we do not know what it is.  That is why we are here, hoping that one of them will give us direction to the answer.”  Loanna said.

“Sometimes the answers we seek lie within us.  We are given everything we need to unlock that answer.  We must look within to what has gone before to find the key.” The old man said.  “Perhaps instead of looking to them you should look within, you are Kais after all.

Come, let’s leave these young ones to their thoughts.”

The two turned toward the garden entrance.  It took a few seconds for Loanna to understand what had just happened.   She jumped up and turned to follow them, but the couple was nowhere to be seen.  They couldn’t have gotten out of sight that quickly, they would have had to run full out to the entrance, and they both appeared to be incapable of such a feat.

“Dario, that was our direction.” She said.

“What are you talking about?”

“How did they know that we are Kais?” she asked.


“They knew we are Kais but we aren’t in uniform and we are not wearing our braces.  How did they know what we are?”



General Simion paled as he looked at the body on the ground.  The handle of what appeared to be a Gortha protruded from its back.

“Get a stasis field placed around this body now, and I want it guarded by at least five people around the clock.”

The Alteri officer dreaded the report he must now file. This was a murder no one had ever seen before, it was impossible.  The man was untouchable by law and by the fear his kind instilled in others.  As impossible as it seemed, someone had murdered a Kai.




“So was 790 right?” Second asked.

“Yes, twins.  She seems to have gotten our ‘positive’ qualities while he got the negative ones.” Fifth said.  “She also seems to be open to influence.   They both must be influenced.”

“We will not mention this to Third, however.” First said.  “He cannot be trusted right now. 790 also confirmed that Dava is in the Dream Zone and has been there all along.”

“What do you mean he can’t be trusted?” Fifth demanded. “He is one of us!”

“Prince is why he cannot be trusted.  We all know that he would not knowingly betray us, but unknowingly is a different matter.” Second glared at Fourth.  “If Fourth would just get on with telling him about Prince.”

“Prince knows me very well.  He knows that I will figure out what is going on.  He forgets that I also know him as well as he knows me.  Prince likes to cause pain and stir up discord.  If I tell Third, it will cause him pain.”

“Not to mention that Third will not take the news well, it may well cause further discord among us.  Third must be led to the truth in a manner that allows him to ‘discover’ it on his own.” First said.

“And that won’t cause him pain?” Fifth said.

“It will cause him pain, there is no way to avoid it.” Fourth answered. “But he will rightly see the source of his pain is Prince, not one of us.”

“So how do we get him to realize what is going on?”  Fifth asked.

“I do not know.” Fourth said.

Third chose that moment to join them.

Third Kai took his seat at the conference table.  He looked around at each of the Kais in turn. “Would someone like to tell me why it’s suddenly so quiet?” He asked.

Fourth and Fifth Kai were studying the tabletop with great concentration.  Second Kai let out a yelp as First smacked his shin under the table with his staff.

“Well I guess for some reason I’m not a member of this group any longer.” Third said as he started to stand up.

“Dava is in the Dream Zone!” 790 piped up.  “She’s been there all along, she never left and she wasn’t with you the other night!”

“790! Off!” Four Kais yelled in unison.

“What? 790 what you are talking about.” Third asked.

“Dava was not with you!  They don’t want to tell you because they don’t want to hurt you!” 790 quickly explained and then turned off.

“790 is right.  None of us want to see you hurt, but the truth is it was not Dava you were with.” Second said.

“Do you think I don’t know my own mate?” Third asked.

“No one is saying that,” Fifth started.

“Yes that’s exactly what you are saying.”

“You know Prince has taken my form in the past, on Water.  He looked exactly like me.” Fourth said.  “Both Stanley Tweedle and Xev were convinced he was the living version of me.  None of us had any reason to think it was Prince.”

“Wait, are you saying that he fooled you too?” Second asked.

“I had no reason to believe it was Prince.  There was a possibility that it could have been me.  My spirit and my body were still separated at the time when he appeared on Water.”

“So what you are saying is that Prince even fooled you.” First said.

“Not completely, but enough.”

“What do you mean not completely?” Second asked.

“He was wearing a little blue dress suited to a woman who sells her body.  The Brunnen G do not wear attire inconsistent with our gender and/or status, we are uncompromising in that way.  Only elders wear floor length robes, but I was not an elder.  I was privileged and that was reflected in my attire. 

However that little blue dress would have been consistent with attire on Boomtown.  It was in line with their version of ‘heaven’, continuous sexual contact.  Clothing was designed to be easily removed or shifted out of the way so as not to impede spur of the moment ‘couplings’.” Fourth explained.

“The only thing that could have been a tip off was the small crystal container of water he wore around his neck.”

Third paled and suddenly slapped his hand over his mouth before running toward the door.  He didn’t make it.  He dropped to the floor with a violent case of dry heaves.