From: Philippe Moisan , Posted Date: May 14th, 2011

This article will mention resources as sites or products that can help us build our businesses.

In this issue, I will only mention things that are free, or have a free membership level. If subscribers want resources that are not free, but still low cost, the eZine team will consider it.

Note: there will be no referral or affiliate link in this article.

The Warrior Forum: The most awesome site out there to learn about Internet marketing. There are hundreds of thousands of marketers there, many of them with a lot of experience. You will find information from A to Z on article marketing, video marketing, copywriting, products, trends, graphics, you name it, it's there.

A little tip: often, to determine if a product or marketer is good or reliable, I use Google. For example, let's say I would love to know more about a product called "1 million in your shoebox". I will type:

  1 million in your shoebox

All the results will be threads from the Warrior Forum. Many times, I discovered such and such product or marketer that was not to be trusted.

IM report card: A very good site to check if a product or site is way over hyped. You can even write reviews yourself.

Make use of: You will find all kinds of information and goodies for free.

Brian Tracy: He's a very well known business and success author and speaker. He sells hundreds of products. I'm a big fan or Brian Tracy. The reason I mention his site here is that you can subscribe to one or more if his newsletters. Of course, he promotes his stuff, but every email is also has many insights into goals, success and business.

That's it for now. If you have suggestions for this article for future issues, they are most welcome.